Per the TTA Skype call last night: Guns
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25-01-2013, 08:56 AM
Per the TTA Skype call last night: Guns
So, I wanted to weigh in again on this... and I'm not putting it in the Politics Forum because I'm not looking to get into the politics of the gun debate.

I simply want to address my life experience with guns and how my view may differ from some of y'all's simply based on exposure, education, and experience.

Anyway, as I was telling the guys last night, I don't ever remember NOT being around guns. FreeThought brought up the fact that he lives in a different culture and has never been exposed to guns; therefore, he has a different opinion on them.

Which makes sense. It really does. The more I thought about this, I realized that it not only applies to the US vs the rest of the world but also cultural living differences in the US.

Near brought up the fact that in California guns are heavily restricted and it's a rarity to for people to freely have them.

Here in Louisiana, we have very little gun restrictions, so my view on them has been molded as such.

Getting back to not ever remembering not having guns:

I grew up with them. I was always educated on them by my dad. We knew the consequences... even as a small child... of guns. I never sneaked my dad's guns... I never mishandled my dad's guns. I always respected them and treated them very carefully.

Eventually I got a BB gun and then a shotgun. Same for my brother. Not once have we ever had an incident which nearly injured or nearly cost us our lives. Gun safety was paramount and we obeyed it.

I currently have a handgun in the house, and I will be teaching my kids the importance of gun safety like my dad did.

Near also said that gun violence was partly because of the lack of education; however, I have to disagree. Not many people don't know what happens when you fire a gun at somebody. I believe that it's the person that's the problem... their mental state. I'm sure they know that a bullet will kill someone, but maybe they don't mentally grasp the consequences of death... of what that bullet really does.

A bit of a ramble, I know... sorry.

Anyway, the point of this was show the cultural differences between peoples and guns. As a kid and a teen, I never even thought about gun bans or restrictions. It just wasn't something that seems necessary. Guns were so common place and integrated in my culture, I never thought about it... it would be like people proposing to ban fireplaces or something.

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