Per the TTA Skype call last night: Guns
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25-01-2013, 10:56 AM
RE: Per the TTA Skype call last night: Guns
I usually don't weigh in on gun-related stuff because it gets too personal sometimes... but this seems safe enough. It can't go wrong. Wink

Anyway- I grew up with guns. My dad is a big hunter and shooter. He collects and always has. We grew up with gun safety as paramount also. I was around guns all of my life until I moved out of the house. But I've never owned my own gun aside from a BB gun. Even now I don't own one.

It's taken a while for me to come to the point that I'm at today, where I support stronger and more effective gun laws. I don't agree any longer with the argument that then only criminals will own guns. Yes, that may be true to a degree- but if they are harder to come by, then even criminals will have a hard time getting their hands on guns.

Even growing up with guns, knowing how safe you can be with them, I don't trust anyone else with them. I've seen enough idiots in this world to know that just because I have had a childhood-long training with them, doesn't mean that everyone carrying a gun has had any training at all. And you can't afford to trust other people, because they're idiots (or at least they have the potential to be idiots).

How many people were shot by accident at guns shows on gun appreciation day alone?
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