Per the TTA Skype call last night: Guns
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25-01-2013, 11:01 AM (This post was last modified: 25-01-2013 03:03 PM by Near.)
RE: Per the TTA Skype call last night: Guns
(25-01-2013 08:56 AM)kingschosen Wrote:  Near brought up the fact that in California guns are heavily restricted and it's a rarity to for people to freely have them.

Here in Louisiana, we have very little gun restrictions, so my view on them has been molded as such.

Near also said that gun violence was partly because of the lack of education; however, I have to disagree. Not many people don't know what happens when you fire a gun at somebody. I believe that it's the person that's the problem... their mental state. I'm sure they know that a bullet will kill someone, but maybe they don't mentally grasp the consequences of death... of what that bullet really does.

Good post KC. Smile

About guns here in California, they are heavily restricted, things such as magazine capacity are quite restricted,. You have to have a locking magazine; in that you have to have a 'key' of sorts to release the magazine (not sure if this applies to handguns or not). I'm sure there are many, many others, but since I have never owned or fired a real gun, I don't really care about the regulations or know about them.

A short digression to clarify my personal stance on guns. As I said, I have never owned nor operated a gun. I have nothing against guns, or gun ownership I just don't think that it is for me.

I am for more controls being in place. More thorough background checks, and perhaps we should start including psych evaluations. I think there should be mandatory safety classes put on by a non-biased third party (Not from the government, not from angry pro-gun people either. Just a dry presentation of what a firearm is and what its operations are. How to clean a gun, proper gun safety etc. No propaganda should be given for either pro or anti gun groups) The safety classes should be something like car registration, you do it every x amount of time, and it costs you a fee.

Now, a big problem that I have with California's gun laws is this: I went to a gun show with some friends, not really my thing, but I wanted to hang out so I went along. As I stated before, magazine capacity in California is restricted to I believe 10 rounds, although it may be 5 for larger weapons. It is illegal to own magazines with a greater capacity than that. At the gun show, a big part of what was being sold was high capacity magazines that were partially disassembled. Such that you can assemble the magazine in under 10 seconds. The way they are able to get away with this is that they have a label on all of these magazines that says something like: "This magazine is sold for parts only and is not to be assembled. It is a felony to assemble this magazine."

Clearly, people do not buy these for just parts. They buy them because they have no regard for the law, (all of the gun owners that I know feel that the laws are 'stupid' or unjust. For the record, I know one atheist gun owner, all the rest are quite religious.) if they feel that the law is stupid, they aren't going to follow it. It's just a word game that the people play, kind of an inside joke. "You would clearly never assemble this and commit a felony, so we'll sell you this for 'parts' ."

There are also parts that are sold, to specifically counteract the requirement for having a locking magazine. You put this little piece in the 'key hole' and it then basically acts as a push button release for the magazine.

These are just the two things that I am aware of, there are probably more.

Now, I am against those laws. I think that they sound good in theory, but they won't reduce gun deaths. Those that want to do serious damage can easily get the parts to do so. If the citizens were respecting the law, they would have no recourse against criminals with superior firepower. I suppose it's somewhat of a good thing that the people can't be bothered to follow the law.

Finally, I may have misspoke about what I think is a contributor to gun violence. There are of course cases where a child gets their hands on a gun, that was not properly stored, and they accidentally shoot themselves, or a friend. This sort of thing is I think, due to lack of education (plus stupidity on the gun owner who kept a loaded gun stored in easy reach of a child).

There is a lot of gun violence in the US that has nothing to do with education. Those would be gang violence, domestic violence, crimes of passion etc. When it comes to mass shooting, that is also not due to lack of education, but pretty much always due to mental instabilities.


Yes, guns are quite restricted in California. Californians disregard the laws and purchase illegal parts. I think we need more gun regulations, not on the types of guns you can have, but what you have to do to get a gun legally. I have nothing against guns myself, they just aren't for me. Gun violence is partially due to lack of education, but more to do with people with mental problems, gang violence, domestic violence, and crimes of passion.

EDIT: Fixed a typo: From 'no-biased' to 'non-biased'

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