Poll: Most things that you perform and get done - how interesting/boring are they, generally?
Very interesting.
A little interesting.
A little boring.
Very boring.
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Performance & Boredom / Interest, Desire, Actions
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18-02-2017, 06:53 AM
RE: Performance & Boredom
I taught myself to be bored at one point in high school because so many of the popular kids seemed to have this as their steady state, but fortunately it didn't take. When I'm doing something mundane, I still have interesting stuff going on in my head.

As far as performing well in something even when you're not interested, certainly it can be done, especially when the task is easy (dishwashing) or the criteria for "well" are minimal (high school book reports). I wouldn't like to feel bored and superior most of the time, though.
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18-02-2017, 08:18 AM
RE: Performance & Boredom
I think you can do well at things you are not interested in--it just takes a little more effort (and focus) to do well at them.

I try to make all things fun, no matter what I do. For instance, I crank up the music and dance around my house like a crazy person when cleaning. It just takes a little creativity to make the not so fun stuff fun.
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18-02-2017, 08:24 AM
RE: Interest/Desire & Actions
I pursue things I am both interested in and not interested in. Every subject--even ones you are extremely interested in--have some not so interesting aspects. If you want to excel at the subject you are interested in, you've got to also incorporate some of the not so interesting aspects of said subject.
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18-02-2017, 10:31 PM
RE: Performance & Boredom / Interest, Desire, Actions
(18-02-2017 02:58 AM)Thinker Wrote:  Do you pursue things that are only interesting? Do you also pursue and commit yourself to things that you find boring?

I do dull things if they help me get better at doing interesting things.
  • When I'm sewing a garment with a tricky layout, I'll take a needle and thread and hand-baste the pieces together rather than just pinning them. Takes a while, but produces a superior piece of work because it holds together better when I put it through the sewing machine.
  • The last time I took piano lessons, every evening at 10:00 I'd switch on my digital piano, put on headphones, and go through all my major and minor scales and arpeggios (36 scales and 24 arpeggios, 4 octaves up and down with both hands). Took no less than 20 minutes to go through 'em all. I can still play them from memory, decades later, and find it easy to improvise chord changes and play by ear.

I'm sorry, but your beliefs are much too silly to take seriously. Got anything else we can discuss?
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