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Personal Identification Implants. OK to require?
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11-01-2016, 01:00 PM
RE: Personal Identification Implants. OK to require?
(07-01-2016 05:18 PM)bemore Wrote:  
(07-01-2016 04:39 PM)cjlr Wrote:  Is "just putting it out there" the new "just asking questions"? Hmm...

If you don't support something and can't back it up, why even present it? That's just a rhetorical question in general.

I'm open minded to if it is true or not. Maybe there is grains of truth in it somewhere (the conspiracy) I don't know. I'm not really that dedicated to it to go on a mission to try and prove something I am indifferent to.

I am sorry for swearing at you. I respect your knowledge but we are different. I am just chatting on here. I don't have a point to prove or feel the need to back it up to you or anybody else, which I appreciate is something which you would prefer.... Hard solid and logical proof.

I cant prove it. I can however mention it in passing, that's all I did.

I appreciate your explanation. I still see it as behaviour we - and I mean you, too, in all likelihood - would find problematic if not dishonest in other contexts.

Let's say there's a discussion on evolutionary biology. Someone comes in and posts videos from the Discovery Institute. They insist they're just "putting it out there" and that they don't necessarily believe all of it themselves. What would your impression of that person be?

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11-01-2016, 02:29 PM
RE: Personal Identification Implants. OK to require?
(07-01-2016 09:17 PM)TheGulegon Wrote:  I'd only have a problem with the constant locator beacon idea!

With a cell phone, I got the locator, but I can leave it in the friggin car before I take off out into the woods to eat a squirrel, or howl at the moon, or any number of other things that aren't illegal, but that I don't want people to know about that happen to be none of their business, anyway! Tongue


I'd be very much against it. It would interfere with my some of my adventures for when I'm not playing around with my nursing hobby.

"If there's a single thing that life teaches us, it's that wishing doesn't make it so." - Lev Grossman
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