Petition to demote Pablo from full member status
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12-05-2015, 01:00 AM
RE: Petition to demote Pablo from full member status
(11-05-2015 08:37 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  I propose to you good Atheist folk (and pet Calvinist/secret atheist) of TTA that there is a plague upon our peaceful forum. A plague that threatens the very fabric of our society and will tear us apart. It will rot our children's minds and take away their innocence. It will violate our women and maybe even our men (I aint judging).

The Pablo.

For too long the Pablo has gotten in that split second first with the punch line. For too long the Pablo has violated the very fabric of our society and blatantly stolen our jokes. For too long the laughs have not come from wholesome, atheistic folks like ourselves but from the Pablo.

His very name is a thing of children's nightmares.

So what say you TTA? Are we to just stand idly by while the Pablo has his way with our punchlines? I think not. This is TTA. We are a proud people who have a very proud tradition of forming ban-mobs to get people banned and not only that but we have a strong divine tradition of going along with stupid shit I say when I say it in the form of some rousing speech in a thread.

So I say this to you TTA. Like this post and leave a comment on this matter if you want and together we can march upon the steps of Stark's farmhouse and request that he impose restrictions on the Pablo in order to safeguard our punchlines and jokes.

The very core of what makes TTA TTA is at stake here people! What say you!?

Yabut, who are you? Drinking Beverage

I've just recently grown rudimentary legs and made the move from water to land.
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