Phil_GA- I challenge you!
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13-12-2012, 09:04 PM
RE: Phil_GA- I challenge you!
Quote:First of all. I said very there were basics that were encoded. I did NOT make the claim that we had our morals FULLY encoded. Evolution produces the basis based on the fact that in order to survive we need to cooperate and work together. Evolution is not an itelligent process.

So, which basics are encoded in some people?

You have also stated two seemingly contradictory statements that are definitely worth an explanation by you:

1. Evolution produces the basis [of a moral code (brackets represent my paraphrase)];
2. Evolution is not an intelligent process.

In other words, if evolution is not intelligent, then how can it provide a basis for morality?

Quote:Saying that there are no moral absolutes doesn't mean there aren't any OTHER absolutes. In order for you to convince me of such absolute you have to prove it.

This is comparing two different concepts. I don't argue the lack of absolutes, nor do I argue that there is only one moral code.

Quote:The very fact that there are people who still think nazism is a good thing shows that there is such a thing as subjective morality.

Hence why I'm asking you upon what or whom do you base yours. I'm sure we'll arrive at an answer before too long.

Quote:Why do you feel that my moral code has to be original? I feel that it is irrelevant or not that my moral code must originate completely by myself. The point is that my moral code is independent of the bible.

In your signature, you make the claim (and you let me choose the topic) that, among other things, you want to live as moral a life as possible but not involve God. If this is the case, then I posit that you need to come up with your own original moral code, else all you're really doing is following a previously-established moral code but denying the originator (and accountability) of it.

Therefore, if your moral code is independent of the Bible, then upon what or whom is it based? Society? That's circular logic, because a society is made up of individuals, and we're back to square one. And you've already ceded the point (via the Nazi illustration) that subjective morality does show itself to be less than optimal. But listen to me use the term, "optimal." Who decides, outside of a higher standard?
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