Phil_GA vs Vosur (YEC)
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13-12-2012, 08:29 PM
RE: Phil_GA vs Vosur (YEC)
Quote:I've been dealing with the Christian fundamentalist website answersingenesis and their articles in the past, including their attempt to solve the starlight problem. If you think that they make a compelling case for their position, I'd be more than happy to show you the flaws in their reasoning.

Please do, as I have a lot of ignorance on the scientific side of this topic.

Quote:I appreciate your honesty, I really do, but I have to ask you how you can maintain the belief that the Earth and the Universe are only a few thousands years old without having a conclusive solution to this problem nonetheless.

I'll be looking forward to your responses, per my response, above.

Quote:Creationism does not fulfill any of the necessary criteria for having a place in the realm of science. Not only is it unfalsifiable, possesses no explanatory power and has no observational or experimental evidence to support it, but it is also impossible to make any (testable) predictions based upon it.

If it is true that there is an uncaused cause to the origin of the universe, then such an originator would necessarily be outside of the natural realm, at least at the beginning.

Along these lines, is there evidence that one species has evolved into a completely different species? It may sound like a silly illustration, but maybe a dog evolving into a cat (again, I'm trying to be stark in my illustration)?

Quote:Based on our past and current observations, it seems very likely that the Universe had a beginning. The idea that it is static and eternal has been almost entirely abandoned when Edward Hubble validated Georges LemaƮtre's hypothesis of an expanding universe by confirming the the observational data of Vesto Melvin Slipher and other astronomers.

Now that's beginning to beg some questions, as I've already implied.

Can the universe create itself? If the natural realm had a beginning, would not the processes -- much less the human genome, per se -- provide prima facia evidence of intelligent design? From what I've seen of things like DNA, it looks more like software programming than simply a randomized collection of atoms or other matter. What would be the chances of DNA simply happening to come together?

Yes, I'm already switching sub-topics, but you're showing yourself to be an excellent mind, so I want to pick it!

After all, proving or disproving timelines for starlight and other things is one thing; disproving an uncaused cause is something on a completely different scale.

I'll be interested in hearing your viewpoint soon.
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