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18-09-2015, 11:35 AM (This post was last modified: 18-09-2015 11:49 AM by cactus.)
Photoshop Game
Take the most recent edited version of the image, and photoshop it.
The next person will take your image, and photoshop on top of it, etc, etc.
Edit the full-sized version of the image, and please don't make any major changes to the image resolution or compress the hell out of it when you edit it.
Your skill level does not matter. Freehand something in MS Paint if you want to.
There are no winners. We just keep going until the original image becomes unrecognizable, and then start fresh with a new image.

Don't upload to Photobucket on a free account, because they'll block people from viewing your image if it gets a certain number of views. I'll be using Tinypic

If you're spending more than a couple of minutes on your 'shop, it might be a good idea to post ahead of time and call dibs, then edit over your placeholder post when you're done. That way you won't get ninja'd by someone else.

I'll pick the first image.

Starting image:
[Image: 97viav.jpg]

Now get to shoppin'!
[Image: 157zomh.jpg]

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