Picture from recent tornado outbreak
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03-05-2014, 12:59 AM
RE: Picture from recent tornado outbreak
(30-04-2014 08:57 AM)Anjele Wrote:  These 'signs from God' have become so predictable that I would be surprised not to see a news story on them.

Yep, makes perfect sense that the all merciful god wiped out everything in an area but left his cross standing as a sign of what he can do.


I agree totally.

Its very quite sick and depressing that Christians use tragedy and the most morbid things to put some sort of proof that their god exists.

It is almost as if they are brainwashed to think that all this evil ass shit is GOOD and everything GOOD that actually happens like scientific progress to making life and understanding in our world better. Is Evil.

Its almost as if, god is real and the god they call god is not really god at all but SATAN.

you know like a switcheroo or something lol. Satan pretending to be god lol, and telling Christians that HE is god and that all that evil ass shit is good because he said it was lol.

Commandment #6 - Thou Shalt Not kill

What does god do?
Tell Multiple people to kill
Kill Babies
Kill Children
Rain Death on entire towns
Give a primitive old guy the power to drown an entire army

Not to mention, Rape, Slavary, Incest and so on.

oh, but there is a problem with all of this isn't there? According to the bible. Satan is actually the good guy. As his only crime was giving humans the ability to have and understand knowledge and have the concept of good and evil. So Satan is good and God is bad.

Christians worship an evil god and there for its no surprise to me that they would see a cross in the middle of a disaster and think that is a sign of goodness.

Fucking Christian Idiots.
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