Pit bull Wicca euthanized
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23-08-2012, 07:54 PM
Pit bull Wicca euthanized
[Image: dog-euthanized.jpg]

Quote:Wicca, a pitbull accused of biting two people last month, was put down on Thursday despite her owner's appeals to the City of Montreal to keep her alive.

The Montreal SPCA is now speaking out about the case and criticizing the way Wicca's case was handled. It says the animal-control bylaw does not force officials to investigate such incidents deeply enough, and does not consider alternatives to putting down animals.

Owner says Wicca never bit anyone

In June, the city said Wicca bit a woman and then bit an ambulance technician who arrived on the scene to treat her.

After a series of legal battles, including a rejection of an appeal from Quebec's top court, the dog was taken to Montreal's Berger Blanc, to be held there until she was killed.

The dog's owner, Christos Papakosta, received a ticket for the two incidents Wednesday, and his lawyer asked the judge for a 10-day reprieve to argue the fines. But the judge declined, stating his hands were tied by previous rulings.

Several dozen supporters held a demonstration opposing the decision Wednesday night.

Full story:

This made me sad Sad

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25-08-2012, 05:18 AM
RE: Pit bull Wicca euthanized
That's "justice"
There is no case by case, there is only the image that pitbulls and other big dogs got over the years.
And then it is a "again a pitbull attacked a human" as if that is all they do, and as if no other animals ever hurt humans, and as if people would not have a brain to think before judging.

yes, sad Sad

Captain Underpants
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30-08-2012, 11:24 PM
RE: Pit bull Wicca euthanized
Horrible... Sad
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