Plagiarism in books
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04-09-2013, 10:57 AM
Plagiarism in books
I just finished a book called Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia. I accidentally downloaded it onto my Kindle and thought, oh well, what the hell I'll read the damn thing. While reading it something seemed so one dimensional with the main character, the Saudi Arabian princess. It was supposed to be a non-fiction book but read like a bodice ripper novel except set in the Royal Saudi Family. What gives it it's punch is that it shows the atrocities of the lives of Muslim Saudi women and how men treat them.

Turns out the "author", Jean Sasson, had the same publisher as a women named Friederike Monika Pavlik who had brought in a manuscript a year earlier with the same story. Pavlik tried to sue but it was thrown out of court and the supposed "author" has gone on to write several books about this Princess character making, I'm sure, quite a bit of money. Plagiarism lawsuits are notoriously thrown out of court by judges who don't want to waste their time with these cases.

In checking out different sites I've found others have questioned the authorship of these books by Jean Sasson and Friederike Monika Pavlik has spend the last 20 years trying to vindicate herself. From what I can gather everytime Pavlik tries to right the wrong Jean Sasson sends people out to smear her on the internet.

If it is plagiarism, and I really think it is, it must be a long 20 years for the original author. I've spent the last two days posting support of Pavlik. So there!

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