Please help Betsy Winkler!!
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30-08-2017, 04:10 AM
Please help Betsy Winkler!!
There is a woman named Betsy Winkler who lives in Idaho. Her husband has alzheimers and lives in an assisted living home. In order for her to be able to afford her husband's healthcare, she lives off $30 a month and eats expired food. An atheist political channel did a really good segment on her and you can watch that here:

You can see a news article on her here:

This post is an open invite to help this woman. I don't know how to do fundraisers or any of that but I am hoping that someone on the internet reading this forum, does know how to help her. We need to send this woman money or something. It is unacceptable that she must eat expired food to get by and take care of her husband. Please help. Thank you.
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