Please provide a Geocentric diagram
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24-01-2013, 03:59 AM
RE: Please provide a Geocentric diagram
Yes, Heinlein is one of my favorite authors. Job does get a bit slow in the middle, but not too badly. Alec manages to stay likable the entire way through the book, despite his hardcore fundamentalist tendencies, because he is genuinely a good man at heart and has only the best interests of everyone in mind. Margrethe comes across a bit flat on a second read, more a foil for Alec's religiosity and occasional foot-in-mouth disease than a real well-rounded character, but she is very loving and genuine at the start.

Another good Heinlein one about religion is If This Goes On--, which is about a revolt in a future dystopic theocratic America, following a young man, religiously brainwashed, not too bright, who follows the path to apostasy and fights against the Prophet he once worshiped and served. Covers a lot of very good and important theological and philosophical points, and is a very good deconversion story in general.

E 2 = (mc 2)2 + (pc )2
614C → 714N + e + ̅νe
2 K(s) + 2 H2O(l) → 2 KOH(aq) + H2 (g) + 196 kJ/mol
It works, bitches.
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