Poetic voice while meditating?
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03-11-2013, 08:43 PM
Wink Poetic voice while meditating?
I tried deep meditation for the first time a couple of nights ago and it was awesome.

The calmness and relaxation that came with sitting on my bed inside the silence of my room was mind blowing.

All was well for quite some time (no thoughts were in my head and I was completely focusing on nothing) when I heard a voice.

This voice sounded very casual, it was as if the voice was giving a lecture of some sort.

I tuned into the voice the best I could until I could make out all of the words coming from it. The words were strangely eloquent and poetic.

It sounded like I was listening to a lecture by Alan Watts, the words only made sense if you really payed attention to the metaphors within them.

It was beautiful to listen to because it was so eloquently put. This voice was using words that I have never heard before, it was awesome.

I did not think for a moment that this voice was actually a reincarnation of my own self within my head, I just listened as if I was in an important class.

I only remember one definitive sentence.

"Drifting on the cushion of space and time I lie within a vast ocean of my own mind." Or something along those lines

Very poetic indeed.

At some point in the lecture I started to realise that I was actually meditating, which I have heard is a bad thing.

The poetic voice was gone, and I sat in the darkness for a while longer trying to savor every word that he/I said.

Have any of you tried meditation? Have you had any similar experiences?
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