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03-01-2017, 03:56 PM
RE: Poets' Corner
(03-01-2017 03:27 PM)jennybee Wrote:  
(03-01-2017 02:24 PM)houseofcantor Wrote:  Kinda waiting for a bunch of mofos to go, "Johnny get yer pretentious ass down the road" as 99% of my contributions to this thread are spontaneously generated. Leads me to question, if we never question greatness, will greatness ever be achieved?

Yeah, that's more pretention. I'm good for that. Tongue

I think spontaneously generated poems can often be the best ones. I highly enjoy yours Smile

Don't encourage him. Evil_monster

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18-01-2017, 01:08 AM
RE: Poets' Corner
Gone from conscious thought
introspective loop-back trips
fragile memory

(thought I'd have a go at a haiku)

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25-03-2017, 11:34 AM
RE: Poets' Corner
Happy flows the stream
sliding over the rocks
in a rough bed with a cool head
searching for its pond.
Thoughts floating downstream
tracing lazy curves,
stopping for nothing --
surrendering to the urge.

Sometimes I feel
just as impermanent.

Quite serene stand the trees –-
from root to leaf they’re calm,
shedding silent thoughts,
quietly letting me be.
They’ve thrown down roots
and made a home
and found their own peace.
They know desire is a trap
and ask for no release.

Sometimes I wish
I had a wooden heart.
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10-05-2017, 01:37 PM
RE: Poets' Corner
As you probably know, I'm really not into poetry (other than traditional haiku) but I just got sent this one. I think someone might be trying to put me out of my misery with a single, surgical stroke Dodgy

It's boring and sad, and there's no one around
In times of my spirit's travail...
Desires!...What use is our vain and eternal desire?..
While years pass on by - all the best years!

To love...but love whom?.. a short love is vexing,
And permanent love's just a myth.
Perhaps look within? - The past's left no trace:
All trivial, joys and distress...

What good are the passions? For sooner or later
Their sweet sickness ends when reason speaks up;
And life, if surveyed with cold-blooded regard,-
Is stupid and empty - a joke.

I read it in Russian, though...

И скучно и грустно, и некому руку подать
В минуту душевной невзгоды...
Желанья!.. что пользы напрасно и вечно желать?..
А годы проходят - все лучшие годы!

Любить... но кого же?.. на время - не стоит труда,
А вечно любить невозможно.
В себя ли заглянешь? - там прошлого нет и следа:
И радость, и муки, и всё там ничтожно...

Что страсти? - ведь рано иль поздно их сладкий недуг
Исчезнет при слове рассудка;
И жизнь, как посмотришь с холодным вниманьем вокруг -
Такая пустая и глупая шутка...

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderò."
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04-06-2017, 04:52 AM
RE: Poets' Corner
This is... um.. Unchecked Thoughts (a collaboration with Jamie Barber)

my pen is on overdrive
when I write
The thoughts running unchecked
In the deepest corners of my mind
they take me down on a
wild goose chase
into the commonly expressed
and those few taboo subjects left untouched

Locked away in a jar of dirt
a crooked paper shield
prevents the soul from scarring
Uninformed ink in swirling cognitions
Unreleased uncensored swords
Unrealised musings leak on the page
remaining immortalised and unamused

I silently ghost down all nooks and crannies
Gathering the pieces
which travel from my head to hand
igniting the engines of my pen
which write as if possessed
stopping and starting till
my mind can give no more

Jamie Barber's poems can be found here

Jamie wrote the entirety of the 2nd stanza and 1st and 3rd stanzas are my handiwork

Hope you enjoyed

Oh no. He's here - God
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05-06-2017, 12:42 PM
RE: Poets' Corner
Why am I a loser? When did it begin?
Was it in school, where I didn't fit in?
Did having sex with my babysitter trigger something deep?
Is that why all the ladies think I'm a creep?
Is it those anime girls with big eyes and boobs?
I'll never be like them, so I guess I'm screwed?
I just want to be a girl, is that so much to ask?
It's about how I feel, I don't care if I pass
I want to be girly, makeup and all
I want to suck penises, down to the balls
I want to dance to girly music and let my inner woman free
I want to be a girl, but a man's all I'll ever be
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20-06-2017, 01:44 PM
RE: Poets' Corner
Stone, the hard foundation of
A safe and sound nation as
We people strut upon the earthly stage,
Take bows as easily as we set in stone our vows
As we race to secure a decent wage
But stone is fragile, broken by scandals
Which then give rise to tales which then give
wind to the sails of artists and street vandals
And now we cannot face the hardship in a relationship
Therefore we simply yell "Abandon ship!"

Then we rip, away the existence, for some respite
Despite the persistence of the thought
Should I have fought to change fate?
But in order to sate that ego
We go sit stone-faced 'cos we're too full of salt
To admit our fault

Lock away your misgivings in your stone vault
Halt, and throw away the key, see
Slowly, the end nears

And this mortal body sears with the pains of your gains
Coursing through your veins, forcing you to regret
As this body hither on this page,
Watch it wither due to advanced age
You can hear God on the phone calling
As you hear the stone foundations falling

Remember in the cold of December
In which you stand
To always extend a hand
To the needy 'cos
Nothing is set in stone, except
the decisions we make

Oh no. He's here - God
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