Poland - autocracy is coming?
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21-03-2016, 04:18 PM (This post was last modified: 21-03-2016 04:25 PM by Szuchow.)
RE: Poland - autocracy is coming?
(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Ok, i think i am starting to see whats wrong with your country, and it seems to be fundamentally fucked up in some instances.

It is. And what's worse no solution to it's problems is in sight. But to be honest I don't expect that things will be much worse. Current gov will probably fuck up couple of things but life of ordinary Pole will hardly change. He still will work for shitty pay, life would be gray but then it is reality for many others people too.

However I might be wrong. I don't think that it will be much worse but I'm not expert on internal politics. And even if situation won't worsen then it still will be pretty bad.

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Then, your countrymen are voting for politicians who have fundamentally not understood who is the dog and who has the leash in a democracy, as we like to say here. "The people" is the sovereign. As a (elected) government official you are going to serve your sovereign.

That's the problem. People vote for the same guys that already fucked them over.

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Trying to "control" the populace only demonstrates that your political class hasnt understood democracy yet.

Yes, but I think that political class is only mirror of people that are choosing it. People don't understand democracy so how those who are chosen by them could do any better?

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  And with government trying to control the people, and people trying to elect other politicians who have the same basic flaw of understanding democracy will result in a "clusterfuck".

Exactly. But Poland gets only what it deserve to get. It's not like former regime when gov was forced on us. Now it's us who are making our own hell; it's we who create the gov in our likeness to use some biblical language.

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Reminds me a bit of my conversatoin with my transylvanian colleagues. When i asked why Romania is still doing so bad overall (but improving, thanks to an ethnic german president Laugh out load ) in spite of having democracy, they told me:
"We are practicing democracy, yet we didnt really understand the concept here yet. We are *emulating/simulating* democracy, but we did not internalize it yet." Does that make sense to you or ring a bell?

Sure it makes sense. It's the same thing.

Freedom is not easy and does not come cheap so disturbances are only to be expected.

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  This sounds as irrational as the drivel of the average theist of "Q"s or CotW like. Utter rubbish!

Yes. And no. If you suspecting others of dishonesty then it makes sense that you think that they will try to cover their activities by making them look legit.

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  According to occams razor the -most probably- correct answer is: The taxpayer makes sure his papers are in order, because he wants to be sure everything is in order as requested by the fucking tax office. Duh! Hobo

Sure. But this require trust. If you don't trust others then their deeds always could be named treacherous.

(21-03-2016 03:47 PM)Deesse23 Wrote:  The major lack in mutual trust in Poland will result in two things:
  1. Everybody makes sure he can fuck somebody/everybody else
  2. Everybody gets fucked by somebody/everybody

My claim is: #2 escapes most people most probably.

It's not that bad but with further polarization of political scene things could look exactly that. While there is lack of trust between citizens this is nothing in comparison to gov people affairs.

The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.

Mikhail Bakunin.
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