Political Correctness
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07-03-2014, 03:43 AM
RE: Political Correctness
(04-03-2014 12:27 AM)Dee Wrote:  "Political Correctness" may sound off base, extreme, or whatever, but it serves greatly as a tool for consciousness raising. African Americans didn't come to America as free people such as the Irish, Chinese etc. So the evolution of their naming in America is an excellent example of raising consciousness:

Darkie (deep, dark, Africa): seen as more animal like than human--a justification for keeping them slaves.
Nigger: a disparagement--still animal-like, and unsophisticated.
Negro: sometimes a disparagement, but also a recognition of origin-Africa.
Colored: became a term of tolerance during the Jim Crow era, "separate but equal."
Black: the name was acquisitioned by Black Americans as a source of pride during the Civil rights movement; and later by the mid- late 1960s, the cultural slogan "Black is Beautiful" promoted that pride throughout African American culture.
African American: that being Black in America is a claim to the country--ownership instead of owned.

This is off the cuff, but I believe it's correct.

Consciousness raising in America about homosexuality has been taking place for the last 40 years and we are now seeing great results: queer, fag, gay, . . .

What is "consciousness raising"? Consider
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