Possibility of Eternal Return
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19-01-2013, 07:13 PM
RE: Possibility of Eternal Return
(19-01-2013 07:05 PM)omegamoo Wrote:  So this has been bothering me for a while now. I've been looking into the theory of eternal return and as a whole, its flaws, concepts etc. For the most part, I think it's possible given that if the universe oscillates and does so over and over again. This theory also does give atheists a peace of mind if they are scared to die. But one of the fundamental flaws I found during this time was the question of the brain afterwards. Since there are a finite amount of ways particles are bound to rearrange in the exact same way at some point given time is infinite. But should this happen, wouldn't "you" just be a copy of yourself? You would be an exact copy but not yourself. Or would it be that you just have no memory of the past life and the new experiences and memories change your life differently than the previous life? The brain is the same but the memories and experiences from before are simply gone. I think what I'm asking here is whether it's "you." It's hard to explain but would this new person be "you"? Like would you have the same conscious as you are aware as of right now or would it simply be a different person who is an exact replica in terms of atomic arrangement but with a completely different conscious as you are aware right now?

There is no evidence that the universe oscillates.

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