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07-02-2014, 09:53 PM
RE: Post 1 thread 1
(06-02-2014 08:58 AM)Drich Wrote:  
(06-02-2014 07:56 AM)Adrianime Wrote:  Welcome to the forum Drich. I've read much of what you have written here so far, and I'm fairly certain I don't like you.

And before you get all "atheist blah blah theist blah blah" I like and love plenty of theists.

...and we haven't even got to the 'heavy' stuff yet.. When it is all said and done you will be certain.

The only "heavy stuff" you have is an enormous pile of bullshit.

(06-02-2014 10:25 PM)Drich Wrote:  5000 post there (which is more difficult than it is here because of the rules and restrictions) which means I can play by the rules

4500 posts on and still counting

Post counts don't mean a fucking thing.

It's Special Pleadings all the way down!

Magic Talking Snakes STFU -- revenantx77

You can't have your special pleading and eat it too. -- WillHop
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