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25-08-2012, 07:25 PM
Post your Omegle debates here...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like catholic.

Stranger: Hi,

You: hello

Stranger: Catholic also?

You: atheist

Stranger: ah, so whats the debate going to be one?

Stranger: *Pokemon Music* a wild person of another religion has appeared

You: haha

You: atheism is not a religion

Stranger: In my country secular humanism is.

You: oh .. what country is that

Stranger: USA.

You: i see

You: i'm from the peoples republic of california ..

Stranger: Split off then?

You: damn near feels like it

You: sucks over here on the west coast ..

Stranger: meh,

You: been a hella a hot summer too

Stranger: i heard its getting a little smoky there.

You: yup.. place is burning up

Stranger: literally.

You: so.. and greasy hot topics you'd like to talk about?

Stranger: hum, idk don't have many

You: (joking) .. I saw an image of mary on my toast this morning.. .. then i placed some over easy eggs over the top of it .. and ate..

Stranger: ok....

You: can I ask you somthing? why do Catholics pray to Mary.. ask Mary for forgiveness and dont' give a diddly squat about Jesus?

Stranger: we pray to out dead because we are in communion with them,

Stranger: we pray to Mary because when you whine to someones mom that shit gets done,

You: but Mary is not a deity..

Stranger: and we don't ask for forgiveness from her, or "do diddly squat" about jesus.

Stranger: so....

You: and I think Joseph got the short end of the stick because NOBODY ever prays to him lol

Stranger: they do,

Stranger: But Joseph did not give Jesus his human form.

You: ahh.. but still why pray to Mary? I mean .. didnt' God command Moses that there shall be no other Gods before him? All that prays to false Gods shall be punished? so Mary not being a diety.. wouldn't that piss off the all mighty?

Stranger: were not claiming that,

Stranger: in fact the dead are shown to pray in revelations,

You: okay but your actions by praying says otherwise

Stranger: they are in communion in Matt, where Moses and Elijah talk to Jesus,

Stranger: there are 3 or 4 in the OT but only 1 or 2 in the new T

Stranger: or wait, wrong ProtestantOT

Stranger: *rolls eyes* i am getting weird,

You: *smirks* anyhow.. old books .. and hoakey religions.. never really suited me...

Stranger: well, i am a Historian.

Stranger: suits me fine.

You: ahh! a historian ... that's cool.. what ever happened to mary anyhow.. she's mentioned in the gospels but after that.. mention of her after .. in the NT

Stranger: read revelations 12,

You: remind me what it says? .. dont' have my bible handy atm..

Stranger: clothed with the sun, moon at her feet, 12 stars as a crown,

Stranger: Queen of heaven,

You: ahh.. thought that was the symbolic representation of Isreal .. not Mary

Stranger: Mary is the new Ark of the covenant, you can see that in the end of chapter 11.

Stranger: from Ark to Ark, and birth to Christ, plus that....pretty clear, also written by John, who took Mary in, so,

You: MacArther's Study bible says that the woman is a representation of the wife of God... (Isreal) .. not Mary

Stranger: Don't care what it says, Its a Protty bible trying to do apologetic most likely.

Stranger: a wife does not give birth to a husband.

You: where you getting that from? Isreal is the wife of God .. .. Mary got forgotten after the gospels dropped off...

Stranger: Your also forgetting that the New Israel is the Church,

Stranger: as for "forgotten" the early Christian devotions would disagree,

Stranger: So the Bride of Christ, yes, but not the wife of christ.

You: the wife of the Lamb is is symbolizing the true church..

You: I thought the people of Isreal .. and christians were the bride of christ...

Stranger: Preacher tell you all this

You: i've heard it in sermons.. and I've read it.. but in the end.. it's all full of crap anyhow hence driving me away from belief in some supernatural being...

You: prayer obviously doesn't work .. it might have the illusion of working.. about 50 / 50 chance.. but there is no evidence to support it..

Stranger: been fun, but gtg.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -- Voltaire
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25-08-2012, 07:45 PM
RE: Post your Omegle debates here...
Hmm... so, human secularism is a religion, huh? Well, they're teaching them a lot in them there churches these days. Dodgy

"So the Bride of Christ, yes, but not the wife of christ." Blink Ok.

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels. ~ Albert Einstein
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25-08-2012, 09:58 PM
RE: Post your Omegle debates here...
(25-08-2012 07:45 PM)kim Wrote:  Hmm... so, human secularism is a religion, huh? Well, they're teaching them a lot in them there churches these days. Dodgy

"So the Bride of Christ, yes, but not the wife of christ." Blink Ok.

Meh.... I tried Kim. I'd already been drinking when I got that wild hair up my ass to debate someone....

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -- Voltaire
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08-09-2012, 07:26 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2012 07:30 PM by Hafnof.)
RE: Post your Omegle debates here...
From facebook:
OP (~16 years old, private Christian school): They're not allowed to teach creationism at public schools but they're allowed to teach evolution? Come on, both are theories, both are believed to be true by respectable scientists, both have evidence for and against.
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CRITIC 1: please show me evidence that can support creationism, and do not say the bible because that is not evidence
16 hours ago via Mobile · Like

OP's OUT ATHEIST SIBLING: Both are theories; however one is more fact than theory. Both are believed to be true by respectable scientists; however the scientists that are known for believing creationism are rather outdated and tend to be from time periods where atheism wasn't even considered. Both have evidence for and against. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!
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SUPPORTER 1: Devine I think it's ridiculous, but even in Christian schools they have to teach a small part of evolution because of the curriculum. However, when teaching it teachers are allowed to say I personally do not believe any of this, I believe in christianity & they teach it from what some scientists believe. Students then decide what they want to believe. To be completely honest, the bible, answered prayers and experiencing and seeing God's work especially when I was working in the orphanage in Egypt is enough evidence for me. Smile
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CRITIC 1: gravity is a theory does that mean I can fly?
16 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 1

CRITIC 2: Lets respect both sides but I really hate it when people say something is true because of the bible becasuue that would mean that harry potter exist because I read it in a book.
16 hours ago · Like · 1

SUPPORTER 2: <OP> has every right to say this. We need to live our lives developing an understanding of a large diversity of viewpoints, especially ones different to our own. This is true education. As a high school teacher I am passionate about acknowledging and respectfully discussing the viewpoints of many worldviews and religions in my public school classroom setting. I will always continue to do so.
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CRITIC 2: They should also let children learn what they want.
14 hours ago · Like · 1

CRITIC 2: like flying
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OP's GRANDMOTHER: <OP's OUT ATHEIST SIBLING>.... I can tell you've been indoctrinated ... but we love you too Wink The reality is many modern scientists believe in Intelligent Design, and quite a number of those believe in creationism. But the harsh reality is they are bullied by the fundamentalist evolution worshippers. There is a great documentary on it - I believe it's called "expelled"? I can find out for you if you want.

And yep, you're right one is more fact than theory... too bad the one that has very little factual basis (evolution) is the one that is most commonly taught. Evolution is a strange thing... any truthful scientist will tell you there is little (if any) concrete fact in it. The whole theory itself has been revised millions of times since Darwin proposed it. Even evolutionary scientists cannot agree on the details of it - there is as many theories of evolution as there are scientists who believe in it.

The reason ID is so popular is because so many scientists DON'T believe in evolution. They can see it's a bunch of crap that makes no sense. And even for all the ones who don't believe in ID despite the overwhelming evidence of the universe being so ordered (and practically zero chance of any of it having developed randomly), many simply don't believe in evolution. They refuse to consider ID, so they're stuck between a rock and a hard place - knowing evolution is an unscientific joke, refusing to consider ID and there being no valid third theory.

The reality is, in scientific terms, both evolution and creation are equally not scientific theories - neither are falsifiable according to current scientific knowledge, and therefore neither can be classed as "theories". Any argument against the scientific nature of one, can be equally applied to the other. At the end of the day, atheism is as much a religion as any theistic religion, and evolution is just the creation myth of atheism, and is no more or no less scientific than any other religion’s theory of the universe and mankind’s creation. The only difference between evolution’s version of how we got here and most other religions is that evolution is all about things randomly magically getting here.

I don’t believe in magic, never have – I do believe in the laws of science (actual laws not the theories) and that chaos doesn’t form order - in fact order descends into chaos. Entropy is a scientific law and has always ruled out evolution as anything but a crazy religious beliefs dreamed up by atheists to try and disprove intelligent design.

It wouldn’t matter if I’d never heard of God, or of any god… as a scientist there is not a chance in hell I would take seriously a nutcase theory like evolution. It’s the silliest theory I’ve come across in science – even more laughable than flat earth theory… I find it ironic (and rather telling) that those in the scientific community who believe flat earth theory are nearly all evolutionists.
I believe the bible because I know Jesus. I believe in creationism because I’m a scientist and it’s the theory that best fits the facts. One does not need to believe the bible to believe in intelligent design or creationism, and many non Christians believe particularly in ID.

<OP's OUT ATHEIST SIBLING> I actually strongly suggest getting a copy of the expelled documentary so you can see the sheer numbers of people who reject evolution – and just how those who worship evolution try to shut down anyone who dares disagree with them. It’s sad to see such unscientific closed minded behaviour by so called “scientists”. Science is about exploring ideas, not shutting them down.
Even for those who don’t believe in ID, they should welcome kids being taught the theory – school science is not about teaching kids facts – it’s about teaching kids critical thinking and analysis and about exploring ideas. Teaching kids “hey there are these two opposing theories, here is the evidences for and against each idea” –THAT is what science is about. Not telling kids what to think, but teaching them how to analyse and decide for themselves.

That’s why kids NEED to be taught both sides of the argument – both sides of any argument. Kids should not be indoctrinated about science, either side of the argument.
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OP's GRANDMOTHER: <CRITIC 2>... I can fly, you must be doing something wrong mate Wink
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ME: It's a common fallacy to say that evolution is "just a theory". Everything in science is just a theory. The theory of gravity is just a theory. Atomic theory is just a theory. The germ theory of disease is just a theory.
Don't let the language fool you: When scientists say that something is a theory, what they mean is that they have a model. The model brings together knowledge often from different scientific fields, includes laws that describe behaviour, and overall constitute a model for the real world. A good theory models the world very closely. A good theory is able to provide accurate predictions about what will happen in the real world under certain circumstances. If the theory is correct and all the variables are sufficiently well known then reality will behave as predicted by the theory.

The main alternative to evolution as a theory would be special creation[1]. This model states that all species were created in their present form, presumably within the last 10000 years. That contrasts with various evolutionary theories that have come and gone over time, which all predict that species will change over time as they adapt to new environments.

Something I find interesting in this debate is that when you go to for example Answers in Genesis you find an in-between view. AiG say that natural selection certainly does happen, and that new species can evolve[2]. What they say is that all of the genetic potential required for the new child species existed in the parent species from the beginning, so although new species are evolving as predicted by the theory of evolution the two caveats they place on the process are:
1. That some set (It's hard to pin down which set) of species were specially created at a time in the last 10000 years
2. That whenever new species evolve the genetic information found in all of the daughter species already existed in the specially created species


Special creation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Creationism, special creation is a theological doctrine which states that the...
See more
10 hours ago · Edited · Like ·

OP's GRANDMOTHER: <ME>, I'd explain AiG's beliefs a little differently. They do not believe new species evolve - they believe new sub-species appear. It's like the difference between a new type of animal evolving, and a new breed of dog appearing. New breeds are merely a rearranging of existing characteristics - which is what natural selection is - also known as "micro evolution". Which is completely compatible with creationism, and the bible actually supports this - speciation (I hope that is the correct spelling) occurs after Noah's flood. Noah didn't take one of every breed of animal. He would have taken for example one pair of dogs with the genetic code for all subspecies (breeds) of dog.

The breeds of dogs that developed afterwards, are not new animals, not new species - they are still dogs.

Natural selection is actually one of the biggest arguments of why macro evolution or "Evolution" with a capital "E" (the "evolution" most people refer to when saying evolution), is simply impossible. Natural selection involves the shuffling of existing genetic information, not the creation of new genetic information - and in nearly all cases of natural selection, genetic information is lost - it is actually "de-evolution".

This is not some "in between view". They state clearly time and time again that macro evolution also known as "Evolution" does not exist. That all species were created. They do believe that micro evolution also known as natural selection exists, and is why the world is full of sub species/breeds, and is part of the curse put on the earth by God - it is creation decaying not improving.
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OP's GRANDMOTHER: And so far, science backs natural selection which is part of creationism, while at the same time, there has not been a single shred of conclusive evidence of macro evolution. Be careful not to mix up micro evolution (natural selection) and macro evolution (Evolution). That's where many people go wrong with thinking creationists like AiG have an "in between view". It's not in between - it's on the far other side of the spectrum to believing in Evolution.
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CRITIC 2: <OP's GRANDMOTHER> why are you writing such long responses.
about an hour ago · Like

ME: <OP's GRANDMOTHER>, Darwin was the guy who proposed natural selection as a means by which parent species diverged into child species. His theory of evolution does not talk about the origin of life. The theory in science that deals with the origin of life is Abiogenesis, and is much less certain than evolution. Darwin himself if I understand correctly did not necessarily propose a single origin of life, but instead perhaps the creation of multiple parent species that subsequently evolved into daughter species through a process of natural selection analogous to the artificial selection we see in canines.

I struggle to identify significant differences between AiG's view about how species change over time and Darwin's theory of evolution by means of natural selection. If we fast forward through more than a century of research, criticism, and refinement of Darwin's original concept we see differences between a modern description of evolution and the AiG model:
1. Modern evolutionary theory suggests essentially a single origin of life, where as the AiG model is for an undefined but specific set of created species.
2. Modern evolutionary theory suggests that some of the variation that is used in the process of natural selection comes from mutations that have happened along the way since the origin of life, so that there is always new variation over time for natural selection to work with, while AiG says that all of the variation existed at the origin of life.

But modern evolutionary theory aside, I cannot see a crack of light between Darwin's model of evolution by means of natural selection and AiG's model of subspecies forming via natural selection. Perhaps I've missed something?
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Give me your argument in the form of a published paper, and then we can start to talk.
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17-09-2012, 01:08 AM
RE: Post your Omegle debates here...
This was a great one, guys, it makes me feel hope for the world:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like islam.

You: Hello, I'm assuming you're a muslim?

Stranger: Yes I am and yourself?

You: Myself? I'm an atheist who loves to hear other peoples' view points

Stranger: ok Smile

Stranger: Well, do you have any questions?

You: I read a lot of myths and legends, and as far as questions first: where were you born and is islam your first religion?

You: Those answers will inspire other questions, but those are like...preliminary questions

Stranger: No, Islam is my second religion

Stranger: I was born in Australia

Stranger: and I am still here

You: Ah, originally what was your religion?

Stranger: I was protestant Christian

You: I used to be a non-denominational christian then I...uh, read the bible

Stranger: Same here

Stranger: Tongue

You: What changed you from worshiping the same god in one way, to a different way?

Stranger: Well, the concept of God is confusing in Christianity

Stranger: where you have one god but with three parts

Stranger: and then God dying for my sins

Stranger: and so forth

Stranger: doesn't make sense

You: Correct. I actually have a working explanation for that, which is that it changed in translation and editing

Stranger: whereas in Islam,. there is only one God

Stranger: none of his creations are like him

Stranger: concept of God is easy to understand

You: Originally, I suspect it was the same exact book, due to multiple similarities

Stranger: I agree with you

Stranger: They come from the Same GOd

You: Now, I am not religious in any way, but I would like to know your take on the idea of "original sin"?

Stranger: Well, the original sin concept is one that is only present in Christianity

Stranger: it isn't mentioned in the Old Testament

You: Yes, I know, but I wanted to know how YOU felt about it

Stranger: I am going there Tongue

Stranger: I saw how it wasn't present in one book of God, it couldn't be true

Stranger: And I don't think we should be held accountable for other peoples sins

Stranger: I never met Adam, so why should I be punished for his sin

You: I'd also like to know how you decide not to kill people when the old testament SPECIFICALLY says people should be put to death

You: The new testament is a bit more sketchy about it, but meh

Stranger: Well, I don't follow the old testament

Stranger: because I have read contradicting stories

You: Ah, so just the Qur'an?

Stranger: ones saying killing is allowed and others saying you will rot in hell for killing

Stranger: Yes

You: I would like to read the whole of the Qur'an, but I haven't gotten around to it yet

You: How do you feel about other peoples' religions exactly?

Stranger: Well, I believe that all other religions come from God

You: (I'm starting to sound like I'm giving an interview)

Stranger: but they have all been exposed to errors, as in the hindu scriptures it mentions God is one

Stranger: but they now worship multiple Gods

Stranger: Tongue Its ok

Stranger: And Jews and Christians can go to heaven too

You: But what about the religions that pre-date your scriptures?

Stranger: not Just Muslims

Stranger: Like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism?

You: Uh, no, I group all those into their own group

You: I meant the pagan religions and gods such as the Green Man, Cerunnos, the Shinto on and so forth

Stranger: well, those religions aren't correct and thus don't exist anymore

You: That doesn't make much sense

You: Seeing as how they DO exist

Stranger: Well, I believe there is only One God

Stranger: And those religions say there is many Gods

Stranger: I just don't consider them to be correct, my opinion

You: So, then everyone who follows those religions, and EVERYONE before the abrahamic religions came along, are going to hell?

You: And what about atheists such as myself?

Stranger: Well, to your first answer

Stranger: God has sent over a 100,000 messengers

Stranger: even before Abraham

Stranger: there was messengers sent to different nations

You: And you know

Stranger: to guide them

You: What's your source?

Stranger: because its mentioned in the Quran

You: Not a viable source

Stranger: Prophets have been sent to many nations

Stranger: like Krishna might have been a prophet

You: That's like me saying Hogwarts is real because JK rowling says so.

Stranger: he preached monotheism, but his message got corrupted

Stranger: lol

You: Or does it have to not have one author to be true?

You: Let me see if I can find a quote real quick...

Stranger: It does, all the scriptures come from GOd

Stranger: ok Smile

You: "When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." That more or less defines my stance

You: But how do you know scriptures come from god? And it doesn't count if the scriptures themselves say it... O.o

Stranger: lol, then I would have to prove Gods existance

You: Exactly. That's the whole point, which you can't: therefore, logical atheists

Stranger: Well, I tried explaining to an Atheist before about God

Stranger: but we could never agree upon anything

Stranger: he was hell bent on proving me wrong and I was likewise

You: If you can prove god's existence, I will personally come and give you a hug

You: You have to have demonstrable evidence, NOT a circular argument

You: (a circular argument being: it is because it says so)

Stranger: lol, I won't do that

Stranger: or I will try Smile

You: Do you understand why someone would be an atheist?

Stranger: Yes I do

You: Please, explain then

Stranger: ok 1 sec

Stranger: Are you there still?

You: Yep

Stranger: Here goes, I will probably suck at it though -_-

You: No worries

Stranger: Well, lets talk about the Earth


Stranger: Trees?

Stranger: lol

You: XD

Stranger: I won't

You: It's a long story

You: Don't mind me, inside joke, continue

Stranger: The Earth is perfect in size, consisting of a thin layer of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases. If the earth were smaller, an atmosphere would be impossible like hmm, Mercury. Earth is the only known planet equipped with an atmosphere of the right mixture of gases to sustain plant, animal and human life.

Stranger: So, the Earth is perfectly made for the survival of these organisms

You: Are you building up to why someone would be an atheist?

Stranger: could this all occur by chance?

Stranger: if the earth was a bit larger

Stranger: it wouldn't be able to hold the organisms, now present

You: Yes, actually, because if the world has so much matter in it (so much we can't measure) the chance of at least one of those meeting these conditions are pretty spot on

You: No, not the ones currently present, but it could hold other types under different weather conditions

You: If the world was a bit larger, it might be uninhabitable, certainly uninhabitable by us, but not by another type of creature. Thus, the theory of evolution

Stranger: So, you're saying the Earth became the correct size by itself?

You: Mmm, I wouldn't say the correct size

Stranger: well, if the earth was a bit bigger

You: Then it very well could be populated by something else

Stranger: the organisms now present wouldn't be able to survive

Stranger: lol

You: So how does this in anyway prove god?

Stranger: well, there is no life on mars which is just a bit bigger

You: Or demonstrate why a person would hold a specific stance?

Stranger: if the Earth was a bit larger

You: And there are traces of mars once having life

You: Most scientists pretty much agree that there was once an ocean, all but the most...ridiculous

You: Also the fact that there are fossilized bacteria on mars...

You: And then on Io, on of...I wanna say saturns moons, has ice with hot water beneath it. Heat and water are all life needs

Stranger: lol

You: *one

Stranger: well, I believe the earth was created in the perfect size and distance from the sun, to allow us to live here.

You: How do you know this exactly?

Stranger: And our moon is the perfect size and distance from the Earth for its gravitational pull. The moon creates important ocean tides and movement so ocean waters do not stagnate, and yet our massive oceans are restrained from spilling over across the continents.

You: And I'm not exactly certain on the creation story in the Qur'an...

Stranger: If the moon were bigger and a longer distance from the sun

Stranger: earth *

You: IF IF IF, I've already refuted that argument

Stranger: Well, the Quran talks about the big bang

You: Quit trying to make it again, seeing as how we've identified life on other planets and identified life-giving planets in other galaxies

You: Do you know the actual evidence that supports the big bang?

You: There's actually only one real piece of hard evidence

You: And that's the fact that everything is constantly moving away from each other, like it exploded outwards

Stranger: Well, I was listening to Dawkins, he says the big bang occured and the lady asked him how it happened

Stranger: he said he didn't know how it occured

Stranger: it just occured

You: But, getting off topic. We don't know how it happened, that's the point of science

Stranger: God made it happen Tongue

Stranger: Because everything has a cause


Stranger: something can't come out of anything in this universe

You: Nope, but saying your god did it is silly

You: Without any actual evidence

Stranger: Well, I would say its in the Quran but you will call me crazy

Stranger: apart from that I don't have much evidence

You: There may be a god and there may not be, but I'm not going to profess to think that

Stranger: You're not sure?

You: That's not evidence. The odyssey says Poseidon threw Odysseus around in the ocean. Does that make it true?

You: Nobody is. If an atheist says he KNOWS a god is not real, he has not reached his conclusion based on logic at all

You: But I can quite honestly say if the abrahamic god is true, i would not worship him

Stranger: whys that?

You: The idea of hell alone is asinine enough

Stranger: Jews don

Stranger: 't believe in Hell

Stranger: as far as I am sure

Stranger: but thats only for Jews

You: Meh, it's 2 against 1

Stranger: anyone other then Jews, they don't know what will happen to them

Stranger: According to them, God only cares about Jews

You: BUT ANYWAY, the idea of hell is asinine enough, and the jews worshiping the old testament...jeez, that thing is riddled with evil

Stranger: lol, I felt like that too when I read it

Stranger: the stories of David and all the other prophets

You: But yeah, let's punish this guy, who's a nice guy, for all eternity because he didn't worship an almighty, kiss-my-ass god?

You: I'd rather go to hell than go to heaven knowing good people are suffering

You: Thus, by that definition of heaven, HEAVEN would be my true hell

Stranger: Thats not how it works

Stranger: God is supposed to be merciful, why would he do that

You: According to your books he does it all the time...

You: Anyone who doesn't worship him supposedly goes to hell, right?

Stranger: Yea that is true, but not entirely

Stranger: say if you get Islam from someone bad and you don't get the proper meaning

Stranger: say you get Islam of Fox Sports

Stranger: and thus you didn't convert to it

Stranger: you won't go to hell

Stranger: because you weren't given the right information

Stranger: many people in countries have never heard of Islam

Stranger: why should they go to hell

You: What about atheists, druids, pagans, shin...tishans or whatever you would call them, buddhists

You: ?

You: What about all the good people of different idealogies?

You: If that is in ANY way true, your god is an evil tyrant, end of story

You: Hitler didn't burn more people than your god did

You: has, is will be

You: All according to your books

Stranger: Yes that is true

Stranger: lol

You: So you agree he's an evil tyrant?

Stranger: Somewhat yes, but I will ask this question to an Imam

Stranger: see what he says

You: So you're okay with me walking into fiery pits?

Stranger: Not at all

Stranger: you seem like a good person

You: Let me rephrase that

You: You're okay with your "merciful" god SENDING me to the fiery pits?

Stranger: Nope

You: Then...why worship him?

Stranger: Interesting point

You: If you admit he's evil, and a tyrant, even if he is real, why worship him?

Stranger: Because I don't want to end up in hell Tongue

You: If I were you guys, I'd be preparing to fight tooth and nail when I die

Stranger: but hes all powerful

You: Like I said, heaven would be worse for me

Stranger: so, he would just beat the crap out of us Tongue

You: I can honestly say I'd rather go to hell than go to a heaven knowing my friends, family, etc. are in hell burning for all eternity while I live in luxury

You: That would be much worse than ANYTHING hell can dish out

You: my own guilt would tear me apart

You: Thus, regardless of whether Yahweh is the "one true god", I would never, ever worship him

You: Have a nice day, and I hope I gave you something to think about

Stranger: Yep, you sure did Smile

Stranger: Bye

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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