"Potty mouth" and the Christian mindset + We "choose" to go to Hell
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06-06-2011, 03:56 AM
RE: "Potty mouth" and the Christian mindset + We "choose" to go to Hell
(04-06-2011 02:45 PM)GassyKitten Wrote:  The Christian school I use to attend had rules about cursing, of course. They'd beat hell out of you for saying; "Oh, darn!" "My goodness!" "Oh, good grief!" And the like, because they believed it was your sin of using vagaries in order to get away with what was actually intended; "Oh, damn!" "My god!" < Blasphemy! "Oh, good god!" Confused

Are you serious? I'm pretty certain it was God-fearing Christians who made up the phrases "Oh, Darn!" and "My goodness!" for the specific purpose of avoiding blasphemy and taking the lord's name in vain. It makes no sense that non-believers would create those terms, since they'd have nothing to fear from using "Damn" and "God" when and as they chose to. Only a Christian who honestly believed they would be punished for taking the lord's name in vain and blasphemy would bother to make up terms like "Darn it" or "Golly Gee" and what have you. And the people who ran a SCHOOL were too dumb to figure that out?

The way to see by Faith, is to shut the eye of Reason. - Ben Franklin
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