Practical (and some not so practical) Jokes
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02-06-2015, 12:34 PM
Practical (and some not so practical) Jokes
I've pulled more than a few of these, and have been victim to more than one.

Let's see who's gotten, or been gotten the best.

I'll start off with being gotten.

When I was a kid - my dad bought a couple cases of dynamite to clear off a bunch of stumps. (We cleaned out a swamp -- something that'd horrify the enviro-huggers today)

It was a slow winter day -- and we'd lit a fire in the fireplace. I was sitting there talking with a couple of my friends - when dad came in holding a stick of dynamite.....

He showed it to my friends. Then tossed it into the fire......

We scrambled, in sheer panic.

Dumb kids, us.....

Dynamite won't blow up in a fire. It just burns.


I'm a double atheist. I don't believe in your god or your politician.
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