Preacher hit in head with baseball bat
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01-06-2016, 01:06 AM
RE: Preacher hit in head with baseball bat
He forgot to turn the other cheek.
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01-06-2016, 02:40 AM (This post was last modified: 01-06-2016 09:53 AM by Thumpalumpacus.)
RE: Preacher hit in head with baseball bat
(01-06-2016 12:50 AM)RocketSurgeon76 Wrote:  
(01-06-2016 12:10 AM)Thumpalumpacus Wrote:  ... or when then assailant has an understandable background to his or her actions.

To explain is not to excuse.

Yes, the legal term for this is a "mitigating factor". In other words, the crime was still committed, but the person had motivations for doing it that can be understood by the Judge/Jurors, and thus a lighter punishment meted out.

There are, of course, also "aggravating factors" which increase the punishment, such as clear malice, cruelty, or an extreme amount of damage/harm for that type of crime.

Edit to Add: On the other hand, I'm not sure mockery is much more useful than the rest. The Christianity memetic virus has thoroughly defended itself against mockery; they expect it, claim it's people influenced by demons or hatred of God (he says that, several times, in his videos), and consider it just as much evidence that they're doing the right thing as anything else.

(At least Yahweh's clerics no longer have the power to call down she-bears to murder children when they mock the Prophets of Gawd, right?)

Definitely appreciate your delineation in the first part of this post -- background can indeed be mitigating in a courtroom.

I disagree that Christianity has "thoroughly defended itself against mockery," though. Christians themselves may be immune to it, but to a neutral bystander, mockery (and its cousin, satire) are strong levers on opinion. They may be small waves, but given enough small waves, a cliff turns to beach sand.

I never answer a believer's post hoping to change the believer's mind. But I do answer those posts -- sometimes in mockery -- in the hope that I can help arm a questioner with both a reasoned rebuttal, and the confidence that comes with knowing that they aren't alone.
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01-06-2016, 05:54 AM
RE: Preacher hit in head with baseball bat
(31-05-2016 08:54 PM)Banjo Wrote:  Cricket bat.

Baseball bat.

What happened definitely wasn't cricket

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01-06-2016, 08:26 AM (This post was last modified: 01-06-2016 10:51 AM by Dom.)
RE: Preacher hit in head with baseball bat
(31-05-2016 11:40 PM)Losty Wrote:  
(31-05-2016 06:07 PM)Dom Wrote:  No, he wasn't considering that raped women often are left with PTSD and are not rational when in that state.

You don't jump out in front of a soldier with PTSD and yell: "I will chase you through the desert and kill your friends."

I know what it's like to be raped and what it's like to have PTSD. I'm not arguing that it isn't a good defense for her. I am saying that "well he should have been more careful about what he said" sounds a lot like "well she should have been more careful about how she dressed". It's victim blaming, and it's wrong even when the victim happens to be a scumbag. And yes, even though he's a scumbag, the preacher was the only victim in this scenario.

Sometimes the victim of a crime actually does cause the response. Just because something is used as an excuse in one instance, doesn't mean it doesn't apply in another case as the truth.

If I run towards a rutting elk, he's gonna wipe the floor with me. I was stupid enough to provoke him. Provocation exists. It's just not always applicable.

If you are going to go out there and throw hate speech and threats of rape around, you have got to be aware that this may not be received kindly. In this case, he probably did want to be a martyr and did it on purpose. Or he was simply too stupid or non-empathetic to understand the possible reactions.

That doesn't undo that he is a victim, but he is a stupid victim, or he purposefully set himself up to be a martyr.

Likewise, we have no idea why the batter acted. Was it intent? Did she just flip? We do not know.

[Image: dobie.png]Science is the process we've designed to be responsible for generating our best guess as to what the fuck is going on. Girly Man
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