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13-12-2014, 08:30 AM
Rate: 7.5/10

Maybe I should have said spoiler alert about this, but you will know that this movie evolves around an individual time travel device sooner or later so it's not so bad that I leak this in the first sentence.

When I first noticed that it was about time travel, I silently counted those movies and novels about time travel which normally end miserably if the notion of parallel universes is not employed. Half way through the movie I already realised what was about to happen. At the end I realized that yes I had realized what would happen, but not in this f**ked-up order !

And I have learned three this from this movie:

[1] People skills sometimes is life or death, man.

[2] This movie has a taste of destined destiny, yet I see it more as a "learn through failure or fail to learn" lesson. You see the first half of the story of their life is pretty refined now, why not spend more time in thinking about how to effectively convice the younger self into breaking the cycle first minute since the moment when decided to take the "fail error fail" device up again and go to save the world.

[3] After you finish this movie, you will know why we don't have personal time travel devices.

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13-12-2014, 09:09 AM
RE: Predestination
My general rule about time travel themes is that they suck harder than a black hole.
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