Prerequisites for Quantum Mechanics
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16-10-2016, 09:30 PM
RE: Prerequisites for Quantum Mechanics
(16-10-2016 05:53 AM)unknowndevil666 Wrote:  
(16-10-2016 04:55 AM)Rahn127 Wrote:  You'll need a firm grasp of university calculus III & university physics III.

Does "university calculus" imply rigorous, proof-based mathematics? Like fundamental logic, set theory, that type of stuff.

Quote:My first assignment in QM was to write a mathematical proof showing that 3 dimensions exist.

Sounds fun!

You won't see set theory in what you want to study. Also, at the level of math required, you will be more in the category of "show that", as opposed to formal proofs of the things you want to use. NB- "show that" isn't all that far from having to formally prove what you are deriving. Spoiler alert- "theoretical mathematics" means you have to use proofs, instead of just using the equations! That is all. Drinking Beverage But an important "all". Smartass
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