Prophecy leads to mothers attempted murder of children
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23-05-2011, 06:01 PM
RE: Prophecy leads to mothers attempted murder of children

She let them suffer being wakened in the middle of the night with a knife cutting their throat, so as to avoid ascending to the bosom of Christ! What a sick twisted bitch! She's going to break a commandment and damn herself to hell, according to her faith, thinking she's saving her daughters from suffering a Rapture! I hope she has a great time in womans prison. Where mom's and shiv's abound.

I think the headlines that fed this nonsense for weeks prior to May 21st helped compel the weakest minds to think this life is finally over. And all that they fear about it, while following a mythology that breeds fear and then feeds on the reciprocal affect that implants itself in followers, it's not really surprising that this woman would think she's doing god's will. And herself a favor, as I can't imagine anyone who want's to be a parent and honors what is a real covenant between one's self and their child, would find any cause to do them harm. Much less some charlatan senior citizen's lie that it's the end of the world, again!

My thoughts go to these little girls. And I hope the mother finds the justice in this world that she's forced to live in, and bear the responsibility of making these kind of headlines. The sorriest 15 minutes she'll ever know.
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