Pseudo-Journalism & Political Lies
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28-09-2012, 01:26 AM
RE: Pseudo-Journalism & Political Lies
(04-09-2012 12:51 PM)Diablo666 Wrote:  Pelople are dumb sheep, and they will believe what they are told. Do you think the Germans actually hated the jews? Well maybe a little, but not enough to commit genocide. Hitler convinced them to strongly hate them in order to unite the shattered country, under his command of course.

There was a study done recently that showed the more you hear something, the more you believe it to be true. Doesn't matter how factual or nonsensical it is either.
You can get people to believe anything with a little bit of effort.

Healthcare is a great example of this. There was overwhelmingly support for a public option from both sides, until the Faux News went to work.
Within a matter of weeks the public opinion of any healthcare reform skyrocketed down.

Controlling people with fear is easy, especially with Americans. Americans are the biggest pussies on the planet.

Hell look at Scientology ffs, or any other number of cults out there.
(03-09-2012 10:58 PM)ClydeLee Wrote:  You basically already rip apart fact-checkers or unbiased sources because it just means that fibbers will take the info stretch out more myths.

I'm not sure what you would regulate to stop these types of actions. WHO or what service would be in charge or regulating this? Doesn't that insight more worry for you than having people be lied too. People lie to their family day in day out right to the face whether it's parents to children or teeangers to parents. It's just a matter of what you take as truth.

In nations that allow some strict regulations on what can be said in the media, things are not better at all. If there is a group that is regulating the information, you ought to have people checking up on their information just the same.

A kid lying to his parents is completely different. This issue is not the lie, but who is telling the lies. The media is the most influential component in politics. Why do you think the candidates spend BILLIONS on campaign ads? If the news media can't be trusted, than the entire democratic process fails. Which is what we see today.

Who said anything about regulating information? This is not a slippery slope. What I am suggesting is no different than a govt employee walking up and checking out an oil well, or the foundation of your house.

I think this forum and everyone on it prove that not everyone believes what they are told. If we did, this would be a religious forum. The problem is when it seems the majority of people believe whatever they are told.
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28-09-2012, 03:13 PM
RE: Pseudo-Journalism & Political Lies
(21-09-2012 11:18 AM)Diablo666 Wrote:  Fallacy queen strikes again!

Ohh great and powerful fallacy queen, wont you please make a real argument instead of BS?

Perhaps you should pull your head out of your ass and learn to read. Dumb people make poor debaters, Diablo, and you are definitely a poor debater.

Occasional TTA returner then leaverer.
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04-10-2012, 09:54 PM
RE: Pseudo-Journalism & Political Lies
Fox News know what they are doing and do it well, and guess what it has nothing to do with politics. Its about money and the advertising dollar

When asked if News Corp would change Fox' news bias if more money could be made from supporting a liberal standpoint, Roger Ailes replied "Faster than you could say it"

The secret to a happy life is lowering your expectations to the point where they are already met
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