Psychic Mediums
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23-10-2011, 01:07 PM (This post was last modified: 23-10-2011 01:11 PM by GirlyMan.)
RE: Psychic Mediums
(23-10-2011 05:07 AM)Neels Wrote:  People who don't rub magic potion onto their genitals to make it work better? (we'll maybe a few.)

There are well known physiological reasons why applying my testosterone gel to my genitals makes it work better. 1) the skin is thinner there so absorption is greater. 2) there is a greater concentration of 5-alpha reductase receptors there meaning more efficient metabolism to dihydrotestosterone meaning more manliness and less GirlyMan. 3) because of 1) and 2) a much lower dose is required. But you're right about it not being magic, we pretty much know what's going on.

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24-10-2011, 11:39 AM
RE: Psychic Mediums
Quote:It just makes me so angry to think this bastard of a John Edwards has one of the most watched programs in South African TV. A lying charlatan, spewing rubbish in every episode. He even appears on actuality programs and talk shows. Fokken hond!

I love your passion Smile... there is no doubt in my mind that this guy is cynically exploiting people's beliefs for his own gain. The problem is that people are queuing up to be exploited. I can understand why too, to a certain extent. South Africa is very religious (I'm Southern African too by the way, from just up North of you Tongue) - even for those who are not into religion, it impacts on your life all the time.

In that sort of climate, where people *believe* that talking to spirits is possible - well, they might disapprove of J.E. but they're much more receptive to the idea that he is actually a genuine medium. Furthermore it's not something they're likely to argue against easily because it might bring them uncomfortably close to questioning their own religion.

Again, what he's saying is what people want to hear: there is life after death and your loved ones are OK.

I took the trouble to look up his pricing:
US$750 for a private reading. Not bad for doing a bit of mumbling. It doesn't say how long the sessions are.

The more I find out about this guy the more I detest him...
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