Public 'Education'
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17-01-2013, 03:22 AM (This post was last modified: 17-01-2013 04:26 AM by Nappa.)
Public 'Education'
I was not taught enough in school. It's plain and simple I was simply not taught enough! Textbooks of nothing which were about something! In history I was taught nothing! nothing! NOTHING! Save for a few scattered bits of information. Oh but I was taught about American history! Oh yes siree I was! (even though I wasn't taught the other 'darker' half).

Anything involving the caliphates and persia when did I learn about them? I never did! Save for the incident of Thermopylae and Alexander the great. I never learned about them. Sure I learned a bit of 'english' history and a little bit of french, but those were mid section events. I was never taught about the beginnings of europe, the beginnings of the middle east or africa. (and certainly not the beginnings of asia who I might as well just consider another planet) I did not learn of how civilization evolved and into what political and ethnic factions they would identify themselves with. And after that I was never given a detailed general depiction of the social, cultural, and political timeline.

Instead I learned a little bit of joan of arc, the crusades (but not their betrayal of the byzanines), speaking of the byzantines, you can bet your sweat pieces of eight that I was taught about how the roman empire converted to christianity, constantine, the schism of the church. Now that I think about it I don't know if I could call the history I learned as secular. Note to self, that might be what helps influence 'mericans so much.

But seriously history in our public 'education' is biased as fuck! Maybe that's why I preferred math and science, because math is never biased, and science is science. Sorry, but I'm just a little peeved at how... 18,000 hours/750 days of my time could have been squandered on so little information. Besides if I had it my way 'higher education' for what that's worth would be mandatory AND FREE!
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