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14-02-2017, 06:37 PM
We all know of the Salem Witch Trials, and possible a bit of the Puritan life style. I'm here to pick through some of things I know and compare to the Christian's and Evangelicals now. If I happen to get some things wrong I can take constructive criticism.

So Puritans often were very fearful of this new world, often staying in knit tight communities and putting up walls to keep out the evils of this new world. They would often think that Satan himself lurked within the forest around them, some thought that was how the natives got by as they worshiped Satan.
Because of this, they trusted into God for everything. Thinking he would guide them in the world that was just so evil. It wasn't just this new world, they saw everything as evil and the only way to be pure was by trusting God to guide you in everything. Depending on minsters to give them the word of God and guidance from him on how to live their lives.
They saw God as a very 'angry' God who was more the willing to throw you to the pit at the small sign of doubt. Fire and Brimstone, to put it simply. So attending church, praying, and reading scripture, mostly by men, was seen as an everyday thing almost, for at least two of the three. Going to church was about every Sunday and lasted for a long time.
Living so tightly together and trusting the bible many suffered as a result. From near to mental breakdowns to a group of people almost afraid to live or breath wrong. All and all a perfect setting for hysteria to happen and that happened with the Witch Trials.

That's the basics. Now, from my observations it seems Evangelicals, at least from how I raised and how my friends were around me in my area, were almost raised like this. Their teachings almost mirror Puritan culture. Also with how they see the world now tends to be about the same.
They fear those who are not of their faith or anything else, one example being Hindu for sake of an example, Hindu practice was seen as Satanic as it was 'unknown' and not of the faith of a God, preferably their God. (Those Islamic people believe about the same and still they are scared of them also.)
Now, before Christians and Evangelicals saw God as a forgiving God and Hell was hardly mentioned. Now it seem it's 'Fire and Brimstone' all over again. When you walk into a service it seems like God is an 'Angry God' rather then a 'Forgiving God'. Again from my observation, Devil, Satan, and Hell are mentioned more then once a week and in great detail.
The part of Republicans seems to be the 'knit tight' community that Puritans had in their time. Slowly and surly the Christian and Evangelical religion (which is the same only with different names) is taking over the party. And they are putting up 'walls' to keep out the 'unknown' (Trump and his Mexican wall is an example.)
Before, when in the time of everyone getting education everyone wanted to learn to read the bible. Now it seem we are back to letting Minsters tell us how and what to do from the bible and from God himself rather then people doing it for themselves. (However most who do read it seven times out of ten become Atheist.)
Fin ally they are becoming dependent on God guiding them rather than how they were interpret and work to be the best they could. They think God is guiding them and they are the right in this wrong. What's next is what i am wondering?

From all this little observation in my area, it seem Christians and Evangelicals are more Puritan then they like to think. They say we are belong the time of the Witch Trials, but form my stand point I don't think that they are if they are going back to the 'old ways' like they want.

What do you all think? And did I get anything wrong?

"Governments don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking That is against their interests.
They want obedient workers people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork And just dumb enough to passively accept it."

- George Carlin
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14-02-2017, 07:03 PM
RE: Puritans
"Now, before Christians and Evangelicals saw God as a forgiving God and Hell was hardly mentioned."

That is not true.

Insufferable know-it-all.Einstein It is objectively immoral to kill innocent babies. Please stick to the guilty babies.
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14-02-2017, 07:43 PM
RE: Puritans
I admire your enthusiasm, but think you could use some time building your knowledge of history (secular and religious). If you spend some time reading and learning about the Massachusetts settlers and the witch trials, I think you'd find it interesting.

I'd say that in general, fear of pain/punishment is a more effective motivator of human behavior than hope of reward; that's why the god concept generally leans, among people who take gods seriously, towards an angry god than a forgiving god. There's never been a period where fire and brimstone have been relegated entirely to the background.

Human societies seem to cycle through times when they target members for persecution based on "moral" categories that later are revealed to be meritless. Victims include witches, communists, jews, cavaliers, illegal immigrants, etc. These purges based on hysteria are designed to make it look as though the leaders are fixing some kind of problem and also (most important, IMO) to make other community members too scared to protest.

We may be living through that kind of cycle, but I wouldn't trace it back to the Puritans per se, although many evangelicals wouldn't have any problem with being compared to Puritans.
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