Quebec will dump its Religious class
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08-12-2016, 10:40 PM
Quebec will dump its Religious class
The governement of my province will finally dump its ridiculous class of Ethic of Religions after years of critique and debate over its pertinence and its legitimacy. The development of religion and its cultural impact will be preserved, but covered in history class while the ethic portion will be absorbed in a wider class on citizenship and initiation to philosophy. The final blow came from the Women Status Council who roundly criticised the program for presenting religious rules (AKA dogma) as a viable, if not the most viable, tool to solve modern ethical issues and placing religious freedom above basic equality between ethnic groups and sexes. In my opinion, its about time religious classes go the way of the dodo and are replaced by a class that will genuinly be able to help student become active citizens capable of handling and debating complex modern issues.

Freedom is servitude to justice and intellectual honesty.
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