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02-12-2012, 08:09 PM
RE: Question #3
(02-12-2012 07:20 PM)Starcrash Wrote:  
(01-12-2012 11:22 PM)Irishdize Wrote:  I guess I dont see atheism or belief in God as a choice. You can choose to walk away from atheistic explorations I suppose, I could choose to stop reading essays and websites on Satanism and deny that I ever believed it but it wouldnt be true.
I dont think I can force myself to believe in God, I dont believe, i dont know how to start believe in something I just have no belief in but if its a choice, then how do I choose to believe? It would sure be easier on me in certain circumstances to believe!
Perhaps empathy may require actually being in someone else's shoes.

Of course it's a choice. Haven't you heard the story of Kurt Wise (The God Delusion, pp. 284-285) in which a scientist cut everything out of the bible that was scientifically absurd, and after thinking about it, decided to keep believing in God anyway? Perhaps you've never been at that point where you decided you could deny evidence against your stance or change your course, but I think it's a pretty common story.

You're thinking of it as a choice made with who you are at this very moment. Obviously you couldn't just decide to believe in God on a whim, but if you really did want to believe, you could subject yourself to constant indoctrination. You could surround yourself with friends who believe in God, and you could simply deny questions that challenged the idea of God. I'm not suggesting any of this, but it is nevertheless something that could be done.

All I would be doing is pretending, I wouldnt have actual belief in God.
I could dump my boyfriend, read the Bible, attend gay deconversion classes, date a woman, let a woman give me sexual pleasure, look at girly magazines, etc etc but I wouldnt be straight, Id be pretending to be straight and denying that Im Gay.
I could right now read every Bible story on the planet, every devotional, surround myself with believers, attend church but I might be able to convince myself that I believed but it would not be true, I tried that with Witchcraft, I was losing my faith in The Goddess so I went home to be with my family who are all Withes, I did rituals and I immersed myself in Magic and all of that shit and I came home and told my boyfriend, I am a Witch!
Yet, I wasnt a Witch, not deep down, I was an atheist/Satanist and as soon as I came to admit that I was then being honest.
I do not believe that belief is a choice any more than sexuality is a choice. You can deny the evidence yes, you can choose to ignore what is right in front of you and keep on going Yes but thats all.
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