Question about Near Death Experiences
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10-02-2017, 01:06 AM
RE: Question about Near Death Experiences
I don't need to explain anything. An anecdote isn't evidence, it's just an account. I don't need to claim that the events didn't happen as described, just that there is insufficient evidence that they did.

The most likely explanation would be that the brain malfunctions under the extreme conditions involved in nearly dying, and hallucinates. It will draw from the only available source, the brain, where it may access the mythology the person is familiar with.

All I can do with any claims of "how could he know this" or whatever, is shrug. I can't verify any of it. Anecdotes are only useful as a starting point for investigation. They can't be the investigation.

I have a website here which discusses the issues and terminology surrounding religion and atheism. It's hopefully user friendly to all.
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