Question about signatures and cards
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28-09-2012, 09:17 AM
RE: Question about signatures and cards
(28-09-2012 09:12 AM)kingschosen Wrote:  
(28-09-2012 09:06 AM)Erxomai Wrote:  I think he invented the candy bar.

My understanding about this sort of thing is it really has to do with the perceived value the buyer gives it. Some collectors prize a more pristine card, so the closer to the original shape (sans autograph), the more valuable the card. But other collectors prize autographs, so they care less for the shape of the card over the authenticity of the signature. So hardcore collectors of cards would view the card has having less value, but I should think that in an auction scenario, the card is going to go to the person with the money who values both the signature and the card.

Makes sense... still, strange line of thinking.

It is but collectors are a strange lot, something we'd never think of let alone see, they freak out over. Lord Erxy is right, I think you need somebody that values both, if you auction it just put a reserve on it (remember the auction house takes a very healthy cut).

" Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous."
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