Questions for Theists: God and Power
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05-07-2013, 04:03 PM
RE: Questions for Theists: God and Power
(03-07-2013 06:56 AM)DeavonReye Wrote:  It's said that "God is all powerful. . . . omnipotent [is another way to say it and sound even more holy, I guess]. . . . that there is no power greater than God."

My question is, . . . if he is all powerful, . . . is there anything that can cause god even the most remote level of pain?

i like ur question, bc it reveals two important factors

power is always evil base

true existence realities are suffering

power is the opposition result to right energies which sources are freedom which reason is infinite values so there cant b any above

power is to what reach to possess else energy succeed then to erase its individuality then employ it to serve any will projections possible forms

power deform then everything around it and call it its life by inventing a life of all as one

anyone do that since everyone run to exist for powers over anything else

when it is said that anyone is a dreamer of his life, which i never even dare to think of what it could mean, how a living is dreaming being someone else

as if it is the way to train everyone to b like god, inventing themselves to kill everyone else

to answer the question, we should agree on the term pain

everyone knows physical pains which make evil run to say of course god has to b beyond pains which undirectly mean the justification of god powers

but what physical pains represent really??

pain is the sense out of watching oneself being forced

it goes from seeking freedom to the reality of pain in being enslaved

so yes god could never b in a situation of other force on it

while also the fact that god represent the ultimate power on everything else, mean that it is never itself so cant even meet with the concept of being in pain
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