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07-10-2012, 07:31 PM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2012 08:27 PM by Atothetheist.)
These are the rules pertaining to the Teen section. While we teens like to have the freedom, we must abide by the rules set up on the forums, as well as little extra things(requests) we have to be careful with.

1. No Nudity on this section( or even this entire forum). It causes many legal problems, as well possibly resulting in the string down of The Thinking Atheist website. Failure to comply will be discussed with the moderators of the forum. This is an OFFICIAL rule of the forum, and should be respected at all times.

2. Be careful of suspicious activities. While we expect no problems about sexual predators, we know they are out there(on the Internet) somewhere. Please do not give out personal information that might lead to the discovery of your place of residence, as it could possibly cause legal problems again. It's fine that you guys want to contact each other, but just be extra cautious about how you do it, and how much information you should give. There will be no official punishment that I know of considering this REQUEST seeing as it is not mentioned in the OFFICIAL rules of the forum( see the link in my post). This is just a mere request for added safety as that is what makes this community, and forum awesome, it seeks to actively protect its users.

3. This is the most important one: Try not to be a dick, or people will treat you the same way. The Golden Rule is common sense, at least have the civility to follow it. This is more of a request, seeing as we WILL NOT punish you for being unnecessarily mean, but if you choose to engage in such activities be sure you ready yourselves for some insults thrown your way.

I will use this thread to clarify issues with fellow posters about said rules.

Now, most of these are not hard to follow, and we don't ask for much. Most, if not all, of these rules apply for outside of this section too. They also have a rules thread, I suggest you read that as well and have a great time posting.

Forum Rules: Read this!
See ya guysBig Grin

Edit one: Currently messaging the admins to confirm that these rules are acceptable under the original forum rules, and that it is OK for me to tag on the second one just for awareness and warning.

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Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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