Rambling about Nationalities and Racism
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25-10-2012, 01:04 PM
Rambling about Nationalities and Racism
I didn't put this in politics because I didn't want to look at the topic exclusively from a political point of view.


During my life I moved a lot, I probably moved enough for 3 lives or more. I stopped counting by now. Not only have I moved within my country but also out of it.
And although I grew up poor, my mother got us to visit Egypt once, and my grandparents had me over to Sweden once. Once I moved out from home I kept travelling because I really love to see and feel different countries and cultures.
So as mentioned during the last few years I moved out of Germany, moved to Romania, lived there for a while, moved to Ireland, lived there for a while, and now am back to Romania (which is all no secret to those here who know me).

I have never felt connected to Germany. When I was young I would play that I speak another language and although most kids do that at some point, I was actually dead serious. As a child I wanted to learn many languages, so I tried French, Spanish, Swedisch, English, at some point Latin as well. Of course I didn't continue any of these languages but English (obviously).
But it was my step towards beeing a person of the planet and not a "German" anymore.
When I was 12 I decided that I will move away from Germany and stay away and I wanted it to be USA because it sounded so nice; "from the dish washer to the millionaire" is what they used to say about the US. I had my reasons. I still was serious about it but too lazy to study English properly. My grade in English was 4 and 5 all the time, no better. American this would be D and E.
At 14 years old I decided that my destination will be the UK. US didn't sound so great anymore but I wanted an English speaking country.
So naturally, once I was finished with school and college I signed up at Wallstreet Institute (http://www.wallstreetinstitute.com/) to polish my English skills.

So obviously, by now I made it and I am not living in Germany and I do not plan to go back.
Ireland was the first time ever in my live, where I could say that I am at home. I really felt good there and I would have loved to stay (reasons for leaving anyway are not important right now).

Now I have a problem.
Everytime someone online, who I just met, or in a chat, asks me "where are you from?" I honestly don't know what to answer?
I ask back by now: "Country of residence, country where I felt home, or country where I was born?"

See the problem? I don't see myself as a nationality or a race. I see myself as a resident of this planet and I think I do have a right to live where I please (even though governments do not agree on this, but noone said that governments are always right).

Not seeing myself as part of a specific country also makes me ignore other people's country unless they act very clichee.
With clichee in this context I mean for example "Hard working, cleanly German", "Pizza juggling, loudly laughing Italian", "5 times a day praying and woman beating Egyptian", "Fat, stupid American", etc... see where I'm going?

The point when I ask where someone is currently living (in the form of "Where are you from?") would be for specifics like timezones, climate, political discussions, etc.

The second point I want to note is racism. Not only negative but also positive racism.
Example for positive racism:
When I moved to Ireland without a job or any specific plans, I found a flat withing 3 days and a job within 3 weeks. People loved me for some reason. One time I got a call for an interview and the lady from the agency told me exactly this line: "So please dress well and bring your papers, but who am I telling, you are German!" Which sounds kinda ok, but actually it is not very fair. Because giving me an advantage or specially nice treatment just because I am born in Germany is unfair to everyone else.
When Malleus came about one year later, he had huge trouble to even get an interview. I have to add here, I have next to no qualifications (apart from the one thing I studied but don't wanna work that anymore) and Malleus has top qualifications for top jobs. He applied for everthing from McDonald's salesman to Windfarm engineer, and he did not get a job. Why? Because the Irish hate Romanians and it didn't matter how well he was qualified, he simply did not get a job. He had to go freelance in the end (which actually was a good step).

Negative racism... well we all know that one.

I notice that some countries are really liberal and others very hateful. I found that, as liberal as Germany shows itself politically, the population is pretty racist. The population is actually so racist that the imigrants kinda group up with their own race and hate other imigrants.
I haven't really had that feeling in Ireland. Apart from the Romanian hating part they are really very nice and friendly. And actually a very happy country. Where else do you see people randomply smiling at you or singing something while having a walk alone (not drunk!). I had people telling me their live story or just a silly joke while waiting for the bus.
In Romania I see a lot of worried faces, empty eyes. Rarely someone smiling at you, and I understand that on a economical and political level. But the racism here is not existent as far as I can tell. This excludes the problem with the gypsies.
I know that for some reason the US is pretty racist although I see no reason for that because US is made of imigrants and always has been. At school we had an English lesson with the title "Meltingpot America" and it hits it pretty well. So I don't understand where all the hate comes from, around there.

What is your take on nationalities and racism in the above contexts?

"Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4" - George Orwell (in 1984)
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