Rambling about Nationalities and Racism
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25-10-2012, 01:28 PM (This post was last modified: 25-10-2012 01:40 PM by Vera.)
RE: Rambling about Nationalities and Racism
Hiya neighbour! (hehe, this was to annoy you a bitWink)

I couldn't agree more... I always, always say that what defines me as a person is not my race, my gender, my nationality, my sexual orientation, what have you. I (and everybody else) is first and foremost a human being, everything else is secondary at best (not even important - at worst). Sure, where I was born, my gender, etc. have influenced who I am, but this hasn't formed who I am. If stripped of all those things, I would still be me.

I've lived in other countries, as well, and thanks to the fact that I wasn't working there and that by my looks I could be from just about anywhere (well, other than Asia), I've never felt like a foreigner and have never been subjected to racism (I have, however, had not so pleasant experience with German people, so I know where you're coming from; no offence to all the Germans here, I also have some very good German friends).

During my last stay abroad I met this American muslim girl and she said she'd been discriminated against her whole life (which I could easily imagine); yet her take on discrimination was "I don't mind it, as long as everybody is equally discriminated against." No

Also during this stay abroad, there was this Russian girl who was literally scared of black people... to the point that she would actually cross the street if there was a black person coming her way... Oh, did I mention that that was in Brazil? And that she was a volunteer, working in a creche and then complaining that all those nasty black kiddies wanted to touch her... She was only 21 and it kinda broke my heart that in this century someone this young could be so deluded and full of fear and hate...

It also broke my heart when they told me that my naive belief that there couldn't possibly be any racism in Brazil, of all places, where they are such a mixture of ethnicities, was, well, just that - a naive belief.

To me this is the tribal instinct at work - back from the time where the unknown neighbouring tribe was to be feared, exactly because it was unknown... How this caveman instinct can be alive in this day and age however, is beyond me...Sad

I guess I'd better stop now, 'cause on this particular subject I can go forever...

EDIT: I so know what you mean about the vacant stares and no smiles around these parts. Every time I come back from a visit abroad, it's such a shock, they mean, critical way they look you up and down... grrr

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderĂ²."
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