Rambling about Nationalities and Racism
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02-01-2013, 05:15 AM
RE: Rambling about Nationalities and Racism
(25-12-2012 12:55 PM)Leela Wrote:  So... about racism and nationalities.....
*ignoring the troll completely*
Racism isn't really linked to nationality, it's about ethnicity (for the most part). In general you aquire a nationality by birth, but can change it later on under certain circumstances, or even hold several nationalities at the same time. On the obvious level racism is based on skin colour, then there are many degrees of differenciation that people use, all the way down to geographic origin (region / country / village / ...). What it basically boils down to is that people are more comfortable around those that they resemble most and mistrust those that are obviously different from themselves. So given that starting point, it takes some intellectual effort to break through the mistrust instinct and to accept that others have equal worth and therefore merit equal consideration.

However, even the most virtuous thinking person will probably still, at some level, have categories of people that they "prefer", or feel more comfortable around. Which would suggest that we are all inherently racist to a degree.

Then, to confuse the discussion a little, if Races don't exist (as seems to be the current consensus in scientific thinking...?) then either racism can't exist, or we're going to have to come up for a different word for it !
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