Random Stories Thread
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05-04-2012, 11:37 PM
Random Stories Thread
Another self explanatory title.

The Story of Bear
I lived in a simple cave, in a forest filled with life. My mother was a bear as my father was a bear too. I passed my days wandering through the forest.
Naught two months after my birth I was hunting the ferocious berry. I had spotted my quarry and was stealthily approaching the berries. As I trotted within 5 feet of them I was amazed they had not noticed me. I leapt upon them biting the berries, but alas, the berries were fighting back. I was being poked and scratched mercilessly by the devilish berries. But soon the day was mine as I slaughtered the berries and proceeded to feast upon them.
After my glorious battle with the berries I decided I did not like being sticky. So I trotted towards my favorite pond. When I arrived there something was not right. I heard a sound like no berry I have ever heard. There was a strange furless creature with the only fur on top of its head was swimming in my pond. As I trotted forward, entranced by the creature, I did not notice the drop until was falling. I made a grand splash startling the creature. We stared at each other, the place being totally silent. I then realized this was no berry. It swam to shore and I followed mindlessly. It picked me up and I did not resist, for I had been lost in the forest for some time. I had been separated from my mother for about 2 days. The strange creature then put me down and put some strange things on itself. It then picked me up again.
We traveled from some time, and I soon fell asleep for my feast had made me drowsy. I woke up on the ground near some warmth. As I opened my eyes I saw hell itself, a crackling noise as some fallen sticks were being devoured by a strange orange beast. The creature seeing this made some comforting sounds and placed me in its lap. Then I slept once more.
I awoke at dawn to find the creature asleep. I also smelled something familiar, Mother! “GRAWWRRRRR!!!!” (Hello son, what a meal you have found yourself)
“Grrrrr” (Mommy!! Do not eat it!)
“grawwarrar”(But I am hungry, son)
Mother then charged the frightened thing and the thing ran, but it was no match for mother. BAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!! Mother fell over as she was feasting on it. “Poor Mikael, he loved wife, she is now dead, but bear is dead also” I could not understand anything so I ran blindly away. I did not notice the cliff until I failed at flight.

Under Repair.
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