Random washing powder question.
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26-07-2016, 07:53 AM
RE: Random washing powder question.
(25-07-2016 10:18 PM)Aliza Wrote:  
(25-07-2016 09:32 PM)Fireball Wrote:  Yabut, depending on the manufacturer, they will voluntarily come into a retailer's store and take back expired product. Sam Adams beer is an example. You will likely never find an expired ("use before" date) bottle in a store. It is just good customer relations to ensure they get what they pay for. I guess if a company sells detergent that is primarily salt (yes, it is used in detergent; it is an excellent ionic surfactant- cheap as hell, but you get what you pay for), they may not be as scrupulous.

I have a Maytag front loading washer and use the high efficiency detergent. When I worked in Florida, I had to use the laundry facilities in the rentals. I had bought a dark blue sport shirt that became a kind of grayish color. When I was done with that task and returned home, I washed that shirt in the home washing machine, and it turned dark blue again, and the whitish sailboats were again clearly visible. I used liquid detergent while in Florida, but I'll lay long odds that most other people did not. That guck got into my clothes.

I once worked for a company that used to get complaints from customers that the product they purchased from a mom and pop shop was (and I'm not making this up) +15 year old. We sold the product to a company who then sold it to the mom and pop shop. Yes, for larger retailers, there was a guy who went into the stores to check up on the product, but that wasn't happening at every single retailer.

Disclaimer: Hardly a professional in this field. It was a summer job, but I learned a thing or two. Smile

That's pretty sketchy. Doesn't surprise me, though. Lots of people looking to skin somebody for some easy money.
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