Rant about my job....
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08-01-2014, 09:16 AM
Rant about my job....
This is just me ranting, before anybody says anything I am currently training to change careers.

[Image: DSC_0001_zps4dca233e.jpg.html?filters[us...mp;amp;o=0]

I think its plain to see what I do for a living, the picture is of Phil my driver receiving first aid today by paramedics after being struck by a car. He has broken his tibia and fibula about 5 inches above the ankle joint but other than that he is OK.

Me and my colleagues are seriously underpaid and undervalued for what we do everyday. In the 6-7 years I have been there I have been verbally and physically attacked by the public. I have been run over by a car whilst stood on the pavement and we have to work in all extreme weather conditions. Luckily we have had no fatalities but a lot of people have been injured just like my driver.

Our wages used to be better, but due to dinner ladies (a dinner lady is a supervisor of children in schools during dinnertime) complaining about equal pay we had our wages docked by £5,000 a year about 4 years ago.

Me and my colleagues now risk our lives and safety everyday for minimum wage. Days like today are a stark reminder of how underpaid and undervalued we all are.

Rant over.

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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