Rapture 2011: Apocalypse Now... No, Now! (LIVE BLOG) *click picture
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21-05-2011, 09:18 AM
Smile  Rapture 2011: Apocalypse Now... No, Now! (LIVE BLOG) *click picture
[Image: r-FOURHORSEMEN-APOCALYPSE-large570.jpg]

You just know the Fundies that would let themselves peruse Satire sites like that one and would even keyword search, May 21 Rapture, would be saying of all those who are making fun of it, even the news groups that report it but have a hint of humor and even contempt in the reporting, that that's the reason the world's going to Hell. Because people are falling away from the truth of the Lord.

And when it doesn't happen, what are they going to say? If Camping, who failed again to predict doomsday in the newest century after missing out on the 20th, claims it was prayers and rituals that staved off the end of the world, it's going to be even more pathetic.
Yes, we prayed till our knees were numb and our fingers sore from being clasped in vigilant beseeching that god not end the world, so that we the faithful don't go to Heaven!

Like Oral Roberts long years ago who begged on national TV, as a televangelist, and before his huge congregation at his church, for 8 million dollars! Because god contacted him and said if he didn't raise that much, he'd call Oral home!
The man was nearly hysterical!
And to show how numb the sheep intellect was that was tuned in but totally tuned out about common sense, he made his mark! One multimillionaire in Texas gave Oral a million dollars! And they all did it because Oral didn't want god to take him to Heaven! [Image: 14.gif]
And even god said he could be bought off and not do that if Oral raised millions of dollars...for himself! So that god, seeing that, would let old Oral stay on sinful earth because he paid for the privilege, meeting god's ransom.

And it's that intellect that wants to rule America from the top down!
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