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13-12-2012, 07:59 PM
Rate Halo 4
From one being the worst one to date; to five being the best yet.

Campaign 5/5: Out of all the Halo games I've played, the story of Halo 4 is my favorite. It gave me chills to hear Master Chief have emotion in his voice for the first time. Its was amazing how I could visualize Master Chief's face with out even seeing his facial expression. I could imagine him glaring at Infinity's Captain when Del Rio wanted Master Chief to give up Cortana. I've never felt this passionate about Halo's story until Halo 4.

Matchmaking 4/5: Lets face it - you either hate it or love it. It's completely different then any other Halo - ever. But I find these new AAs and weapon set up refreshing; and it's also much more faster passe then Halo:Reach. Being able to get a sniper or railgun mid-game is extremely useful and overall makes the game more exciting. It doesn't get 5/5 because Promethean Vision is irritating.

Customs 1/5: The only custom games I've played is 1v1 swords (which is fun) and just normal slayer on friend made maps. I doesn't have that Halo 3 vibe were out of nowhere you can get 16 players. Perhaps once people make maps and types, I'll give it a better rating - but for now, it's the customs to date.

Forge 2/5: The maps..oh lawdy lawdy the maps. Having that one map (Forge World) to do just about anything has spoiled me. The current maps are too small for my taste. Other than that, it has potential. 343i just needs to add bigger maps.

Theater 3/5: Some funny things happen to me in Spartan Ops - but I couldn't record it! Angry I have no idea why we can't..other then not being to record Spartan Op missions, nothing is new about it.

Overall: 4/5
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