Rational Thought
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06-04-2016, 01:58 PM
RE: Rational Thought
Looks like that one's fled screaming into the night.

Dear Santa,

What I would really like is for the next theist who shows up here to actually have a novel argument. Not the millionth retelling of Pascal's Wager or the billionth utterance of 'I don't understand evolution so atheism can't be true.' I don't even care if it's completely wrong, just as long as it's different and something that somebody thought about. That would be a really refreshing change.

Flesh and blood of a dead star, slain in the apocalypse of supernova, resurrected by four billion years of continuous autocatalytic reaction and crowned with the emergent property of sentience in the dream that the universe might one day understand itself.
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06-04-2016, 03:23 PM
RE: Rational Thought
(02-04-2016 04:57 PM)diversesynergy Wrote:  ... a cube exists in 3 dimensions as a cube, but also exists in 2 dimensions as a square.

A cube could also be a triangle when traveling through a 2D plane, depending on the angle it enters the plane at.

I'm not sure why you think that a being able to move freely through time or unseen spacial dimensions would have anything to do with the creation of the universe itself, or give meaning to the existence of anything. It could very well simply be a product of the universe, as we are.

I'm also pretty sure that you haven't thought your multidimensional idea through... Taking what we have observed, it does appear quite possible that more dimensions exist than 3 spacial and 1 time. It's also possible that multiple timelines are more science fact than fiction. Actually, even to move along a time dimension outside of the spacial dimensions would require parallels to exist, otgerwise nothing would be alterable..or you'd get paradoxes arising.

If the universe is like a branching tree of timelines, it doesn't just mean that there's other versions of you who has a Porsche, lost an arm, owns a dildo factory, etc. But there would also have been completely different outcomes in other versions of the big bang.

It's possible that with many different universes being spawned in that event, life could not have existed. Some universes collapsed almost immediately, and others will have expanded too rapidly or decayed too quickly. Some universes may have physics so strange that consciousness and life would be fundamentally different.

Of course, if that were the case, one of those universes that spawned, will have given rise to this branching tree of timelines that we exist in. No need for design or predetermined meaningfully existence.
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