Rationality in framework of ideology.
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22-08-2017, 07:48 AM
RE: Rationality in framework of ideology.
How could i possible mis ssuch an interesting docu!?
I watched it and took some notes. Here the first 45mins, pre war.

What a whiny little bitch he was. His life was so full of lies. His life as a whole was a lie. He loved to suffer, probably hated himself (because of his foot), and consequently hated everybody else too. He had only two things he respected and looked up to in religious fervor: Hitler and the Nazi cause. What a loathsome creature.

His view on the Nazi movement and views of the people around him:
  • It is mix of individualism and collectivism! Individualism on a personal scale, collectivism on large scale (controlling inustry as a whole)
  • Condescending towards "fuddy-duddy" bavaria. Later complains about too many party members being like this. Shows clearly he pictured himself as a revolutionary, not a conservative (like many other nazis too)
  • In 1928(!) already talks about marching nazi troops in terms of "one day we will conquer the world with these guys! -> Megalomaniac
  • Mentions Göring to be a known Morpine addict and accuses him of megalomania while looking like a fool to everybody else (45 *cough cough*)
  • Himmer hates me. I have to destroy him. He is an animal. Göring agrees with me (remember, the morphine addict megalomaniac fool?)

His views on religion
  • National socialsim is religion. All we need is a religious genius. So much for nazis being atheists. Mentions Hitler ending a speech with "amen".
  • Speaks in hateful terms about priests, calls them "Pfaffen"
  • What we need is rite. National socialism needs to become state religion in germany
  • My party is my church.This is my gospel

  • Very ambitious. Feels humiliated when not put in top position. Whiny bitch
  • He talks about being accused of being a "175er" (§175 being the paragraph making homosexuality illegal)
  • In 1934 mentions that "TV is only a matter of months", obviously looking forward to using it as one of his tools for propaganda
  • Badmouths german artists (including Goethe!) as "lacking political character". He obviously thinks art is subordinate to politics. This sheds some light on the fact that nazis really thought everything was political, including art (and science).

Göbbels and women
  • Says how much he love shis wife, all the time, but also says that the party still comes first.
  • Says Leni Riefenstahl is "hysteric". Hates her and her project. Shows disdain for women in general "in the end she cries, thats what all women do, its their last resort". In front of rolling cameras he however lauds Riefenstahl.
  • Criticizes a czech movie for being "sleazy" and typical "czech", but its "made very well". Claims "not to enjoy it". Makes the leading (czech!) actress his mistress. Hitler has to order him to go back to his wife (1936). In 1938 he complains that he has been "humiliated" by his wife during a marital discussion, says he will never forgive her. She is so "hard and cruel" (to him). At that time she either was pregnant with another child or just gave birth to it (May 1938).
    Comment from my side: Obviously having a mistress is not as bad as what he does and thinks about women. 1 Year after Hitler ordered him to give up his mistress (and he obeyed!) he had another child with his wife. Real reconciliation with his wife, or just another lie in his life? You be the judge. After complaining in 1938 (after having been at the annual Wagner festival) about his "cruel" wife and never wanting to forgive her, he had another child with her in 1940.
    He was known to try to "get into the pants" of every single german actress he came across. He was reportd to be a slimy little fellow. He tried to lure actresses with his power as minister of propaganda (being able to make or ruin their careers) and reportedly was quite sucessful (on those who needed his *help*). His nickname was "Bull of Babelsberg" (Babelsberg being the german equivalent of Hollywood)

    About his wife: He was her second husband. Her first Husband was a very wealthy industrialist, Günther Quandt. They separated on good terms (he married his secretary), and Magda also was on good terms with Hitler, thus establishing a direct connection between industry and the Führer personally. Hitler, of course, elevated Quandt into very high positions.
    What happened after the war you may ask? Well. The Quandt family is currently one of the richest families in Germany, with a net worth of several billions. Susanne Klatten (she has a brother, they share the wealth after the death of their mother) is the richest woman in Germany. They are owners of BMW, and they still are heavily involved and intertwined with post war conservative german parties.

Ceterum censeo, religionem delendam esse
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22-08-2017, 08:37 AM
RE: Rationality in framework of ideology.
(22-08-2017 07:48 AM)Deesse23 Wrote:  How could i possible mis ssuch an interesting docu!?

I hadn't shown it to you yet.

NOTE: Member, Tomasia uses this site to slander other individuals. He then later proclaims it a joke, but not in public.
I will call him a liar and a dog here and now.
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