Re: 'The Quran has never been corrupted/changed".
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11-11-2010, 05:16 AM
Re: 'The Quran has never been corrupted/changed".
The following post is from our
'Quran Miracles Debunked' Facebook community page and Discussions Board

and from our 'Quran Miracles Debunked' youtube channel

A frequent non-argument claimed by Muslims is that the Quran has never been altered in its 1400 year history, this is of course irrelevant in demonstrating any level of Authenticity.

Now, I could argue a number of points, such as human-mind fallibility and how information becomes corrupted as soon as its taken in
(let's not forget that Muhammad had to remember information before ever getting people to write it down)

I could also argue about how there were a large number of times where the information prior to the book could have easily become damaged and unreadable and/or the strangely large gap between Muhammad having the information written down and the book being published as a whole...but let's focus on something else for the moment...

What do the Ziasudra, Egyptian hieroglyphics, The book of the Dead and the Sumerian Tablets have in common?
They have all remained unchanged for thousands of years longer than the Quran, so should we now consider the Babylonian or Egyptian Pagan religions to be authentic or credible?
The answer is no.

A text can remain unchanged for an infinite period of time but this does not alter the problems that existed from the moment the pen touched the paper.
I recently came across an old test paper of mine from School, pretty good, B-grade with about 5 issues as demonstrated by the teacher..

Now heres the question, how long does this paper have to sit in my drawer before the problems disappear? The simple answer is that they won't.

Some muslims will argue that 'the Quran has no errors', this will be answered in a separate post, but the fact remains..

Simply because something has remained unchanged doesn't validate its authenticity or give credence that the information is accurate.
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