Re: 'The Universe is fine tuned for life'
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11-11-2010, 05:20 AM
Re: 'The Universe is fine tuned for life'
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A usual argument from Muslims is to claim that the universe is designed for life, often with little-to-no thought on what they're actually stating.

Sure a pagan or perhaps a deist can make this sort of argument, but can a muslim? let's find out...

Let's say that one day, god (an all powerful being above all limitations) decides he wants to make a planet for people to live on, so he makes earth...
But WHY does he make earth?

Because this particular size generates a strong enough field of gravity?
Because oxygen will remain in the atmosphere?
Because this particular distance gives us enough heat from the Sun?

An average Muslim will say yes, but that actually answers nothing...

Is god unable to alter the requirements for Gravity?
Is god unable to create people who don't require oxygen?
Is god unable to create beings that don't require sunlight or a certain amount of heat?

The point being made here is that an 'all powerful being' has no restrictions, therefor can do anything it wanted.
If it wanted life to exist inside a small ice comet, with no eyes and surviving on uranium, it would....or is god unable to do these things and must comply to pre-determined specifications that it is unable to overcome, thus not the god of Islam?

Concluding that everything is 'fine tuned' for life demonstrates that 'god' was limited to certain factors, inwhich we could only exist if these particular measurements were met....that is not an all powerful being known as 'allah' is it.
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11-11-2010, 11:46 PM
RE: Re: 'The Universe is fine tuned for life'
You are right. It isn't an all powerful god of any kind. Their explanations are flawed, as are all explanations from all theists that I have heard.
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12-11-2010, 08:11 AM
RE: Re: 'The Universe is fine tuned for life'
I've always hated the argument that the universe was somehow "made just right" for us to exist. They forget to notice the millions of other planets and galaxies where where it wasn't "made just right" and hence, our species flourished on the only option we had.

I just don't see a rock slingshotting around a massive, chaotic fireball that one day threatens to burn out or explode (that is unless we haven't come out of orbit and are now flying through space), as a "perfect creation from a perfect creator." Couldn't Mr Almighty just give us perpetual heat and light?

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