Reaching a social brick wall
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12-06-2012, 01:53 PM
RE: Reaching a social brick wall
Damn vegetarian has no sense of taste.

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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13-06-2012, 04:17 AM
RE: Reaching a social brick wall
(12-06-2012 11:05 AM)Dom Wrote:  If you are going to be an entrepreneur, running into brick walls and being frustrated as heck comes with the territory.

So does losing your ass. There is not a single entrepreneur who made it big who didn't lose his/her ass once or several times on the way.

You need enthusiasm and devotion to start your own biz, and because you have more invested in it, both as a person and financially, set backs can hit you hard.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was a kid and charged other kids for doing their homework. Never worked for anyone but myself and likely couldn't even hold a job, lol. Lost my ass twice.

But here I am, still at it. It takes "stick-toitiveness" to make it, and I think you've hit a cross road where you need to decide if this is for you, if you want to tear the wall down, or if you want to try another venue.

My bet it's what's bothering you. I've been there, repeatedly. Take the part that makes you feel worst about the brick wall you hit and attack it, that's what I would do. As you approach a solution, your spirits will rise.

I used to do a lot of investing and spend most of my off time working on making money and I was doing pretty darn good at it. Unfortunately, I suffered through a divorce during that time of my life. My ex just before we signed the papers told me one day: "All you care about is money. Someday you're going to die alone, with all this money. I don't want that, I don't want any of that. Is that who you want to be?"

It was after my divorce that I realized I HAD become that person. I spent a great deal of time trying to stop becoming that person, I hated it.

I realized though what I was after was not the money, it was the success. It was the passion and it was the dream of being my own boss, doing my own thing, getting away from the "Norm" and not settling for anything else. It took me forever to realize that. It wasn't till after I remarried and met the woman of my life that these things started to make a bit more sense to me.
Lately I am back in that rut. I have been working hard at things I enjoy, trying to fill needs and find ways to get my feet wet to get that motivation going again.

I will do ok for a while, then I'll just have this overwhelming feeling of anxiety, "What if it doesn't work? How will this turn out? Am I willing to risk it?" and I panic and then calm down but then become depressed. I have several entrepreneural friends who have made it, they made it big, they did great, and they did the simplest of things. It made me step back and go, "What the fuck am I doing wrong?" and it makes me depressed. I know I'm not a stupid person. I just feel like there is something I'm missing. Something I just am not quite getting that they get, I feel like it's something simple and stupid, something obvious, but something isn't clicking.

I'm unsure how this will go, but I figured what I launched on the side will at the very least get me motivated enough to reach for something bigger. My wife has been immensely supportive of me and has been encouraging me to do it.

But there it goes again... depression, anxiety, sadness, this odd empty feeling. I hate it.

But the feeling of accomplishing what I have set as a goal is about the only thing that keeps me reaching for it because I have this intense feeling of just not giving up or wanting to let go. I want it more than anything.

(12-06-2012 11:28 AM)kim Wrote:  Don't you realize, if there were actual answers, God would give them to you. Angel Pray on it, you'll see.

(12-06-2012 01:15 AM)houseofcantor Wrote:  Get plenty of sunlight. And sex. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning. That'll be $19.959995. We take Visa. Tongue

Yea, what he said... 'cep, I want Necco Wafers. Undecided

Jeees Logisch, you are too ambitious for your own good.
Shit, I could barely make it through that first post without wanting to paint, reorganize some CDs, cut out a skirt pattern, install a server, saw up some rustic barn wood to frame up some photos, re-record a composition with new software, fire up the foundry kiln & strike bronze piece, mow the lawn, consolidate a few investments, go for a run, reconfigure the hard drive on an old computer, build and install a porch rail, search for a particular canto of Don Juan, start a pirate radio station... but then, I couldn't decide which to do first.
So now, I think I just want to take a nap. Sad

Something's ... something's missing... not quite right ... something on the tip of the tongue... tip of the brain ... something's there ... out of reach... it must be a need... there is need... a craving... what the hell is it? It's big, but it's so much nothing. A big nothing... a God sized nothing.

insert stressed face because there is no smiley for this thing

There isn't an answer... yet... Ride it out until some things are out of the way and when you get to a moment of clarity, examine where you've been and where you are. There are things you need to express - do that - keeping things inside can be a distraction that keeps you from doing the shit you want to do.

It's possible you are beginning to process things in a different way than you used to before ... when you were ALWAYS after something, always reaching, always wanting more and consantly striving to reach my goals. Maybe things will be different now and you will need to make adjustments for that in your head.

Like I said, there isn't an answer ... so, you'll probably have to make one up ... if you think that will accomplish ... something. Personally, I'm too lazy for such an undertaking. Whatever ideas you come up with, be sure to bring it here where we can all discuss and have a chuckle... because I can assure you; you are not not not alone. Blush Laughat

Now, what's this about a new website?
Come on; dish.

I have no life. I'm cool with that. Dodgy

Yeah no worries Kim, it has nothing to do with god hole or anything it's just this feeling of nothing making progress. I feel like I'm stuck in one place and trying to move forward but both feet are stuck in cement.

I've sort of receded to this weird antisocial recluse state where I'm this odd introvert. Granted online I am quite active, in fact, I'm active on many forums, many hobby forums. But it isn't a replacement for the interaction I fail at getting in real life. I have so few friends I can talk to in real life. Over the past few years, coming to acceptance with the fact that I am the "black sheep" of the family, I've also had to accept the dramatic social effect it has had on me as well. I have only a handful of friends who are also atheists, but most live in neighboring towns, and it isn't common that I can just head on over and sit down and talk about everything with them. So it's quite frustrating.

On top of that, most my entrepreneural friends also have moved and gone off in their own world and I feel as if I've been left behind in the dust, watching them succeed while I sit and ponder. It's almost like this odd feeling of, "Come on man we're kind of waiting up on you but what's the hold up?" they say "JUST GO FOR IT" and I hesitate.

I sometimes wonder if my greatest fear is going back to being who I was before, greedy, assholish, jealous, rude and arrogant. I've tried to put all of that behind me and just be a good person. Still, part of the success eats and gnaws at me. I hate it. I can't get rid of it. Pisses me off.

Anyway. Thanks for the support everyone. I at least feel a bit better being able to talk to some of you.

Regarding the site, if I feel comfortable enough with it this week perhaps I'll send you a message with it, granted it may not be what you expect, but it is at least a way to get my feet wet.
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